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Chemical Feed

Emergency Chlorine Scrubber – RJ Environmental

Evoqua  RJ Environmental Emergency Scrubber RJ-2000 is the world’s most popular emergency scrubber system. The process is designed to contain and neutralize chlorine vapors in response to a gas leak or catastrophic cylinder failure. The RJ-2000 scrubber uses a unique horizontal flow path, with a proprietary caustic distribution network, to absorb better than 99.999% of the chlorine gas entering the scrubber, in a very compact footprint and low profile.

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MASTRRR Company – Chemical Injection Mixer & Accessories

MASTRRR Company manufacturers a variety of chemical induction ultra highrate flash mixers eliminating the need for water supplies, boosterpumps, ejectors, diffusers, mechanical mixers, and static mixers. Submersible series and flanged inline series are designed to induct and flash mix gas and or liquid chemicals with superior velocity gradient mixing intensity into open channels, basins, tanks or pipelines. Applications include chlorination, dechlorination, highrate disinfection for water, wastewater, and CSO basin applications, coagulant flash mixing and many more single or dual feed applications.

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Chlorine Gas Feed System – JCS Industries with Automatic Shutoff Actuators ROBO-Control

JCS Industries Chlorine Gas Products feature significantly enhanced safety for the use of chlorine gas for disinfection, while providing dramatically reduced chemical and energy costs. In particular, special automatic valve shutoff actuators shut down the gas system upon leak detection, a key feature that allows for use of chlorine gas as the most cost-effective method for disinfection. Equipment includes:

  • Model 420 Cylinder or 420T Ton  Mounted Regulator with V-Notch regulator
  • Model 4200 Vacuum Feeder - Automatic Gas Feeder (Flow Proportional, Residual Control or Compound Loop)
  • Model 4400 Residual Chlorine Analyzer - Buffer Free operation; amperometric probe  that accurately measures both free and total chlorine
  • Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor
  • Model 4600 Ultrasonic Level / Flow Monito
  • Model 4700 Electronic Cylinder Scale
  • Model 4710 Electronic Ton Cylinder Scale
  • ROBO-Control Model RC or RCTVR  is an actuator that REMOTELY CLOSES the valve on compressed gas cylinders
  • ROBO- Control Model 2000C is an actuator system that can REMOTELY OPEN & CLOSE the valves on one ton containers
  • Robo-Control MODEL RPB001 Remote Close Push Button

Emergency Shutoff

JCS Emergency Gas Shutoff
JCS Industries Emergency Shutoff

Peristaltic Pump

Pulsafeeder hose pump
JCI Hose & Tube Pump

Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps

Pulsafeeder meting Pumps, Hose, Diaphragm, Gear

Pulsafeeder - For over 75 years, Pulsafeeder Engineered Products continues to be a leader in diaphragm and dosing pump technologies. With experience in various chemical injection applications, Pulsafeeder pumps and systems are manufactured to serve the unique requirements of our global customer base. We understand that each chemical has its own unique set of challenges that must be taken into consideration. With decades of experience, Pulsafeeder offers pumping technologies that meet and exceed industry requirements for safety, reliability, and precise control. Our pumps are known for their rugged construction, and dependable and repeatable performance in difficult environments. Pulsafeeder’s culture of quality and manufacturing excellence is reflected in our Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.  Pump include the following series:

  • Pulsa
  • Pulsar
  • Eclipse
  • Eclipse Non-metallic
  • Packaged Systems

Onsite Hypochlorite Generation

PSI On-Site Hypo Generation
Process Solutions Inc. (PSI) UGSI -  Onsite Hypochlorite Generation

Batch Chemical Feed (dry)

IPM Lime Silo

STT EnviroSTT ENVIRO CORP_SYSSOL Dry Lime Silo Systems - Chemical Batch Feed

Dry Chemical Feed


PolyBlend® DP Dry Polymer Preparation System

UGSI PolyBlend® DP Series Dry Polymer Feed System

The PolyBlend® DP series dry polymer preparation system offers a unique two-stage method of initial high-shear mixing followed by low-shear mixing. The mechanical activation of the dry polymer ensures polymer optimization and lowers operating costs. An innovative stainless steel "hollow wing" mixing impeller in the mix/hold tank reduces polymer consumption by providing proper energy at low speed through impeller size and recirculation to prevent agglomerations while minimizing polymer fracture. With minimal maintenance and a small footprint, the PolyBlend® DP is fully automatic and easy-to-operate.

UGSI Encore 700 diaphragm metering pump

UGSI Encore 700 diaphragm metering pump combines the robustness of hydraulic diaphragm pumps with the simplicity and service-ability of a mechanical pump. Handles up to 660 GPH up to 175 psi with efficient, reliable and smooth discharge pattern through the use of a variable non-loss-motion eccentric stroke adjustment. Available in direct drive or pulley drive for an additional 4:1 range ability on stroke frequency with a standard induction motor. When the pulley drive arrangement is combined with a DC variable speed motor, total operating turndown can be as high as 800:1. Repeatable metering accuracy is ± 2% of full scale. Valve assemblies can be easily maintained with without disturbing the suction and discharge piping and clear PVC valve housing allows visual indication of operation.

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