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Aeration Devices

Fine Bubble Membrane Disc Diffusers – Sanitaire

Sanitaire - Fine Bubble Membrane Disc Diffusers feature a unique split pattern and slit shapes, which disperse air bubbles in an extremely fine and uniform pattern for high oxygen transfer efficiency. The specially-blended, high grade EPDM elastomer compounds resist degradation that’s common to other membranes, and delivers over 10 years of proven performance. Lower energy consumption and raised operating efficiencies are made possible by the unique membrane shape, integrated O-ring, and top-sealing threaded retainer ring, which eliminates leakage. A highly effective, integrated check valve enables the aeration zones to be easily shut down for air-on/air-off applications.

Coarse Bubble Diffuser – Sanitaire

Sanitaire Coarse Bubble Diffusers are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel and designed to last for 25+ years. They remain the industry standard and are a smart alternative to mechanical aeration. Its inverted air reservoir stores a sufficient air volume at the center of the diffuser to ensure continuous, uniform airflow that prevents clogging. The bottom deflector limits debris from entering the diffuser, minimizing maintenance needs. Complete passivation is performed after fabrication, eliminating corrosion problems. With pulled ports and a gusseted connector design, the stainless steel header system provides longer term protection than lower cost options.

Gold Series Fine Bubble Panel Diffuser – Sanitaire

Sanitaire Gold Series fine-bubble diffusers are designed to maximize efficiency while maintaining excellent uniformity across the membrane and throughout the aeration grid. The unique diffuser geometry and advanced micro-punched membrane enable high-density basin floor coverage and low air flux, which together provide high oxygen transfer using the lowest amount of energy. Optimal system designs and layouts can be provided, assuring uniform airflow within a grid, eliminating hot spots, dead zones, and areas for spiral roll currents, each which can degrade SOTE.

Floating Aerator – Aqua-Jet II Contained/Covered

Aqua Aerobics Systems Aqua-Jet II® Contained Flow Aerator is for applications which require continued operation of aeration equipment during cold weather months, but are limited because of inadequate heat sink due to process selection or environmental conditions. This aerator has proven to operate efficiently in a variety of applications, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Fine Bubble Ceramic Disc Diffuser – Sanitaire

Sanitaire - Xylem - Fine Bubble Xeramic Disc Diffusers feature an advanced design takes the proven technology of ceramic fine-bubble diffusers and makes it better, with the highest oxygen transfer efficiency compared to other ceramic diffusers – and energy cost savings of up to 30%. The higher OTE reduces the power consumption of blowers. That’s savings that pays back immediately - and year after year. One to four year payback is what can be expected when old diffusers are replaced with new Xeramic diffusers. A system utilizing Xeramic diffusers has better or comparable SOTE values to membrane-type diffusers. Therefore, Xeramic diffusers are more economical on a 20-year life-cycle period.

Retrievable Aeration with Tube Diffusers – Aqua Aeorobics

Aqua Aerobics - Retreivable Aeration - The system features fine-bubble “Retrievable Diffusers” in racks that can be lifted by a davit crane and rotated outside the basin for maintenance or replacement without taking the aerations system offline.