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Tube Settler System

Brentwood - Tube Settler System can be used in both drinking water and wastewater applications as an inexpensive method of upgrading new and existing treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation basins to improve performance and reduce the solids loading on downstream filters. Additional applications include: ballasted flocculation, membrane and desalination pretreatment, resin recovery, secondary and tertiary wastewater clarification, and phosphorous removal. Tube settlers handle application rates from 1.5 to 4.5 gallons per minute per square foot. Design application rates should be verified in accordance with local design standards and selected with consideration of influent water chemistry, floc settleability, and basin hydraulics.

Tow-Bro® Hydraulic Sludge Removal System

Evoqua- Tow-Bro Hydraulic Sludge Removal System ensures rapid removal of settled concentrated sludge with minimal sludge blanket disturbance. Proven in hundreds of installations as well as in exhaustive testing programs, Tow-Bro offers simple operation, less maintenance requirements, lower construction, and energy costs. This secondary activated sludge clarifier features:

  • Rapid removal of sludge results in Less oxygen needed in biological system, No denitrification, No bio P re-release.
  • Maximum solids concentration—A more concentrated RAS results in less RAS flow pumping
  • Minimum sludge agitation—Achieved through a gentle removal action and a minimum of underwater disturbance
  • Balanced hydraulic design—Removes settled solids in proportion to the area covered over a wide range of flows and permits low sludge blankets to be maintained for cleaner effluents
Clarifiers include spiral blade and traditional scraper type.

Rectangular Clarifier – Envirex® Chain & Scraper

Evoqua - Rectangular Clarifier - Envirex® Chain & Scraper system provides maximum sludge concentrations and floating solid removal. The system is comprised of light-weight components, which makes installation easy and simplifies maintenance.  Flights mounted on two parallel strands of metallic or non-metallic chain scrape the settled solids along the tank floor to sludge hoppers. On the return run, the flights can skim the surface and concentrate the floating material at a scum removal device.

Sludge Removal System – Chain & Flight collector

Polychem - Chain & Flight Collector system removes bottom sludge and transfers it to a sludge hopper at the influent end of the clarifier while also skimming out floating surface scum and discharging it via a scum pipe.

Weir Cleaning System

Ford Hall Weir Wolf

Weir Cleaning System

Clarifier CleanSweep


ClearStream DAF

Clearstream and Kusters Hi Tech DAF Clarification

Ballasted Clarification – CoMag for Enhanced Primary or Tertiary

Evoqua - CoMag is a high rate clarification process utilizing internal recycling of settled solids and small amount of Magnetite (non-abrasive, high specific gravity) for floc formation to allow for less chemical use and  footprints up to 20x smaller than conventional clarification. The CoMag System easily integrates with planned or existing facilities to allow the use of existing clarifiers of any size or type. Applications included treating wet weather flows, phosphorus removal and water re-use.

Traditional Clarification

ClearStream Clarifiers

Kusters Hi Tech Traditional Clarification

Clarifier Drives

DBS Clarifier Drive

DBS Clarifier Drives

Clarifier Drives

Kusters Hi Tech Clarifier Drives