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PolyBlend® DP Dry Polymer Preparation System

UGSI PolyBlend® DP Series Dry Polymer Feed System

The PolyBlend® DP series dry polymer preparation system offers a unique two-stage method of initial high-shear mixing followed by low-shear mixing. The mechanical activation of the dry polymer ensures polymer optimization and lowers operating costs. An innovative stainless steel "hollow wing" mixing impeller in the mix/hold tank reduces polymer consumption by providing proper energy at low speed through impeller size and recirculation to prevent agglomerations while minimizing polymer fracture. With minimal maintenance and a small footprint, the PolyBlend® DP is fully automatic and easy-to-operate.

UGSI PolyBlend Liquid Polymer Wetting & Activation System

UGSI Polymer Feed Systems

A PolyBlend M Series Polymer Feed System provides a tapered mixing chamber that provides high performance polymer mixing and feed. The PolyBlend® system applies high mixing energy at the first contact of polymer and water for a short duration on initial shear. The system also applies mixing through a tapered regime, which minimizes polymer agglomeration and fracturing. After initial wetting or inversion in the high-shear impeller zone of the unit, polymer solution passes through a cylindrical processing zone where it is subjected to continuously decreasing shear rates over a period of time. The unit is equipped with "C" Controls functions, which along with a variable speed mixer offers a system with unmatched activation flexibility. The controller is capable of maintaining constant solution strength by sensing changes in incoming make-up water flow and automatically responding to these flow changes via a motor-driven control valve. Even primary and secondary dilution water is kept at the same ratio as output is adjusted.