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Gasholder Cover – Radial Beam or Truss

ClearStream Gasholder Cover – Radial Beam or Truss for a primary or secondary digester that allows for varying volumes of gas storage.  Also allows varying levels of sludge as compared to the fixed digester cover and prevents a large scum blanket.  The slide guides are low maintenance compared to rolling guides. This cover does not require external insulation because there is several feet of gas storage between the roof and the sludge for thermal insulation.

Ballast blocks are located at the bottom of the side skirt and are primarily responsible for setting the mechanism’s operating pressure.

Some mixing systems are not compatible with a gasholder cover.  A gasholder digester cover is also available as a truss style or as a radial beam design. Radial covers do not have ceiling plates and have half the lineal weld length compared to a truss covers making radial beam covers are a very economical choice for anaerobic digester covers.

ClearStream Gasholder Digester Cover Radial Beam or truss