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Rotary Press – Slow-rotating ACAT Screw Press – Kusters

Kusters ACAT Screw Press –  Slow rotating screw press runs quietly, unattended and results in high cake solids, low polymer consumption, high capture rates and low energy consumption.


  • Large screw press sizes available to reduce number of units in service (vs. competitor largest units)
  • Safe and fully automated operation
  • Continuous dewatering
  • Quiet operation (<60dB(A)
  • Low wear (speed <2 rpm)
  • Fully enclosed for odor control
  • All parts Stainless Steel in contact with sludge

Easy Operation
Due to the low output speed and the resulting high torque, the screw press is able to stop at any timeand is ready to restart without the need of cleaning or flushing. The adjustable speed of the screw press down to 15 Hz makes it possible to operate at very low speed.

Easy Maintenance
The only existing wearing part at the screw press is the seal between the microstrainer and the screw. The microstrainer is flanged so there is no need to dismantle the screw for replacement of the seal in most models.

Pilot Units Available

Contact JCI Industries for piloting opportunities.

Kusters ACAT Screw Press Pilot