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Safety & Liability in Repairing Explosion Proof Motors for Hazardous Location – Flame Path Integrity

In today’s lean times, budgets are often stretched to their limit. Frequently, it is difficult to justify paying more for a pump repair, especially when other shops may offer lower labor rates. However, there are benefits to using factory authorized repair centers that often go overlooked, particularly when the pump in question is an FM Approved – Explosion Proof Motor in a Hazardous Location.

The end user has invested in a product with the FM rating for safety and integrity of the equipment. JCI is a factory authorized repair center for Flygt and other manufactures with trained and certified FM approved technicians on staff, able to repair FM rated pumps. To maintain this safety and liability, ensure FM rated pumps are returned to their original factory specifications including maintaining its Flame Path Integrity.

The following benefits are provided when using JCI’s  factory trained and FM approved technicians:
  • Only Genuine Flygt Parts will be utilized during the repair work.
  • Exact tolerances and quality are maintained.
  • Repairs are warranted for 12 months from time of repair.
  • Supporting documentation of an FM repair is recorded as proof of the flame path integrity.
  • Peace of mind knowing the equipment is repaired for the intended environment. Don’t lose your FM rating.
In order to achieve a genuine and validated FM repair, the following must take place:
  • flygt fm approved technician explosion proof pump repairAll repair work must be completed by an FM approved technician  (Insist the service provider produce all FM approved documents).
  • The repairing shop and technician must have access to the manufacturers FM approval drawings.
  • Repair work must be completed using measuring instruments that have been calibrated within the last 2 years (the service provider must be able to produce this documentation).
  • All FM parts that are disassembled and reassembled during a repair are measured twice to ensure their suitability (the service provider must provide copies of the documentation recording ALL measurements).
  • Only Genuine OEM Parts can be utilized, and no components can be reconditioned.
  • All FM approved repairs will include an FM repair checklist.
  • An FM repair plate will be permanently affixed to the pump.

Repair Specification Language:

  • Pumps shall be repaired by Authorized Factory Service Center using Certified FM approved technicians using OEM Parts
  • FM approved repair shall include a FM repair checklist documenting flame path integrity including supporting documentation to manufacturers FM drawings
  • FM repair plate shall be permanently affixed to pump
  • Pump shall have a factory authorized technician on site for startup.
  • Repair shall be warranted for 12 months from time of delivery
  • Only Genuine OEM Parts can be utilized, and no components can be reconditioned