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Unlike typical wet-well electric submersible solids-handling pump installations, dry-pit pump stations are not flooded with sewage. Since the dry-pit pump stations are typically built below grade level, the dry-pit pump station is vulnerable to flooding during an upset condition.

Protection of electrical equipment has dictated the installation of conventional vertically mounted, non-clog pump units in the dry-pit with a conventional electric motor installed at a level above grade, connected by an extended drive shaft. This design keeps the electric motors above the flood level. Maintaining of extended drive shafts, universal joints and bearings can be a mill-wright’s nightmare. Electric submersible pump have been successfully used in dry-pit installations for decades. While designed to continuously operate submerged in the pumped media in the wet-pit design, the adaptability of submersibles provides for excellent service in dry-pit installations.

The utilization of the dry-pit submersible pump has been expanded to include horizontal installation. This webinar reviews the installation modes for electric submersible pumps focusing upon dry-pit type applications. The numerous features and benefits of the horizontal dry-pit installed solids-handling pump will be provided to the attendees. An overview of successful projects of both new and retrofit of ageing pump units will be highlighted with emphasis placed upon design elements that pump station engineers need to focus upon.

Whether designing a new pumping station or a retrofit/upgrade for an ageing dry-pit pump station, current technology in submersible pump designs deliver pump station designers and users with alternatives to consider when developing designs. This webinar relates the technical benefits and savings of placing a submersible pump in horizontal dry-pit service.

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This session will be presented by Bob Domkowski, Engineering Consultant, NA at Xylem and hosted by Kristel Zaman, Flygt Product Marketing Manager, NA at Xylem.

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