Anaerobic Digestion

Cambi – Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP)

Cambi – Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) recycles human and domestic waste into useful energy sources and the process is similar to preparing meals using steam.  Thermal hydrolysis is a process technology applied in wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic digestion where it exposes sewage sludge or other types of wet organic waste to high temperature and pressure.  Two clean usable products are created; biogas (electrical energy) & biosolids (fertilizer). 


ClearStream Gasholder Cover – Radial Beam or Truss for a primary or secondary digester that allows for varying volumes of gas storage. Also allows varying levels of sludge as compared to the fixed digester cover and prevents a large scum blanket. The slide guides are low maintenance compared to rolling guides. This cover does not require external insulation because there is several feet of gas storage between the roof and the sludge for thermal insulation.

Buoyant Floating Truss Digester Cover

ClearStream- Buoyant Floating Truss Digester Cover is a primary digester cover preventing a large scum blanket since the cover is in direct contact with the sludge to reduce liquid area exposed. This cover is most effective when sludge levels vary significantly and in conditions where extreme foam occurs.  The ballast blocks are located in the attic space where the attic space acts as natural thermal insulation.

Fixed Digester Cover – Radial Beam

ClearStream- Fixed Digester Cover – Radial Beam is economical primary digester cover with small liquid level variation and can also be used as a secondary digester when gas can be stored through other means.  The fixed digester has a limited gas storage capacity. Designs incorporate a water launder or a seal to overcome liquid level variation limitations.  The annular seal achieves a pressure seal utilizing sidesheets submerged in the sludge and contains odors.

Gas Safety Equipment for Digester Covers, Waste Burners & Flares – Shand & Jurs

Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies) designs, manufactures and tests a complete line of Digester Gas Safety Equipment and Waste Gas Burners/Flares for municipal sewage treatment plants, landfills, dairies, food-processing and breweries. Gas safety equipment on top of digester covers including pressure/vacuum vents, flame arresters, 3-way safety selector valves along with emergency vent/manhole covers and cover position indication. We manufacture both open candlestick and enclosed flares to help reduce emissions. Our candlestick flares are offered with options for automatic ignition at the tip of the flare or at ground level. 

BioGas Conditioning – DMT Biogas

DMT Biogas remove trace impurities (such as hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), ammonia (NH₃), mercaptans, VOC’s and siloxanes). The next step is to remove carbon dioxide (CO₂)  from methane (CH₄) to produce pipeline-spec renewable natural gas (RNG). This RNG is suitable for injection into the natural gas grid and/or direct use for vehicle fuel.

Local Installations include Sioux City, Iowa and Fremont, NE.

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