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Andritz – Belt Filter Press – SMX & Quantum Low-profile belt press that significantly simplifies operation, maintenance and lowers cost of ownership. Engineered with the operator in mind, our low-profile design provides modular flexibility, quality design, and low maintenance, without compromising performance, to create the most advanced belt filter press on the market today. The low-profile design eliminates the need for costly platforms. Access for maintenance has been improved with an overall height of only 60” where the gravity zone is at a convenient height. Wide gravity zone and optimized camber wedge to allow perfect distribution of the sludge and ensure gradually increasing pressure, minimizing the possibility of extrusion.


  • Low-profile structure for a smaller machine footprint and ease of access for operator (no platform needed)
  • Continuously increasing pressure for perfect dewatering
  • Highest throughput of up to 50% more than comparable competitor machines
  • Lowest residual moisture of final product thank to extended dewatering area (8 or 12 S-rolls)
  • Flexibility increased by modular design
  • Low energy requirement, reduction of polymer consumption, ease of maintenance, and hydraulic capacity increased for significant cost savings and best operator safety

Typical applications:

  • Thickening and dewatering in one stage
    • Efficient thickening zone or combined with gravity belt table
  • Municipal and industrial sludge
  • High efficiency in specific applications: pulp & paper, manure, biogas, slaughterhouse, chemical sludge, etc.



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