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PD & Turbo Blower Packages – Aerzen – AERZEN has built turbo blowers since 1911. Over the years, we’ve continued to perfect these assemblies from a technological standpoint. Along the way, we’ve developed expertise that sets standards worldwide today. It’s reflected in the performance characteristics, in every component, and in all the details of the newest Turbos with air foil bearings. Discover the new Turbo Generation 5 and Generation 5plus.

Efficient peak values

  • Increase in energy efficiency by up to 10% compared to conventional turbo technology
  • Control range of 40% – 100%
  • Highly efficient individual components

Innovation driver: the permanent magnet motor

  • Extremely high-efficiency and energy-saving permanent magnet motor
  • Requires no additional energy to magnetize the rotor
  • Outstanding efficiency of an almost constant 96%, even in partial load operation

Innovative AERZEN air foil bearings

  • Forward-looking double coating made of Teflon and graphite
  • Theoretical bearing lifetime of >80,000 operating hours, regardless of stop and start cycles (>80 starts/stops per hour)
  • Resistant to pressure peaks (for example, SBR processes, pulsations caused by positive displacement machines) and compressor surge
  • Highly functional without necessary accessories (for example, electric control system, back up bearings, auxiliary electronics such as battery systems)
  • Highly reliable operation even during voltage fluctuations and power supply failures
  • 100% maintenance free


Rental Blower Available from JCI

Pneumatic conveying applications are critical to many facilities– when you can’t move material you can’t make or sell your
product or meet your permit. Because of a historical lack of availability of specialized rental blowers and compressors for pneumatic conveying,plants often ether accepted the production outage or rented a more readily available 2 stage oil-free rotary screw compressor designed for 90-150 PSIG plant air service that is very inefficient at the reduced pressures needed for pneumatic conveying.

Misapplying one of these plant air machines can result in an energy cost of 3-10 times greater than the appropriately applied
positive displacement blower / single-stage oil-free rotary screw compressor that is designed for pneumatic conveying
applications – not to mention considerably higher rental rates and a larger footprint.


AERZEN Rental Division is for maintenance and repair applications and to cover unexpected demand.



Aerzen Rental provides blower packages engineered for aggressive rental environments with on board VFDs, remote monitoring, and outdoor builds with sound attenuating enclosure as standard.

Why Rent?

  • Emergency!
    • My air system has been in place for a long time and is broken and need air now.
  • Upgrade
    • Renew and replace with new equipment. Rental Equipment allows them to continue operations while completing upgrade
  • Supplemental Needs
    • Season short on air and rent equipment to supplement air
  • Testing
    • What would happen if we have less or more air and/or if need more pressure.
      • Unload truck faster
  • New Equipment Lead Time
    • Equipment is delayed and need air now
  • Capital Avoidance: Air is needed now but there is no budget for a capital expenditure

I need more than just a rental blower. What about the other components to get air into the plant?

  • Furnish all the electrical cable they need to get to their power source
  • Furnish all the piping, fittings, flexible hoses, nuts, bolts, gaskets and fittings
  • Emergency response within on hour or less.
  • Available 24/7


The machine itself is just one aspect of a rental project – Aerzen Rental provides the professional expertise and full compliment of electrical and mechanical accessories needed for a successful project.


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Petro-chemical
  • Power station
  • Bulk materials
  • Food products
  • Cement
  • Paper mills
  • Proof of Concept


Case Study Food & Beverage – Unload Trucks Faster

A bakery purchased a blower to offload trucks based on a design criteria of 800cfm at up to 14.5 PSIG. Under these conditions, it was taking up to 4 hours to offload a truck. Further review revealed that a higher pressure was required to speed up the offload process. A single-stage oil-free rotary screw rental compressor capable of 10,00cfm at 29 PSIG with an onboard VFD
was rented to validate the ideal compressor capability needed for the permanent installation. It was determined that at 800cfm and 17 PSIG they could reduce truck offload time to 1.5 hours. The bakery continued to utilize the rental machine to reduce offload times while the new machine was ordered and installed.

Case Study – Plastics Conveyance based on Air Flow Rate

(Plastics) – Flow of product not meeting expectation with current blowerThe plant utilizes a fixed-speed blower in a closed-loop Nitrogen system to maintain the integrity of the PET granules being conveyed. They were not satisfied with the flow of the product and wanted to explore the effects of different flow rates. The plant rented a blower with an onboard VFD capable of closedloop service between ~600cfm to ~1500cfm and up to 14.5 PSIG discharge pressure. This allowed them to prove that there would be a benefit in upgrading their blower system.

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