Turbo Blower – Simple / Economic – Inovair

Inovair Geared Centrifugal Blowers (Turbo) offer 10-40% energy savings and a significant increase in efficiency over the traditionally used multi-stage blower or positive displacement blower equipment, Inovair’s integrated control systems also feature the ability to improve processes and process control for additional savings. Relative to other modern single stage centrifugal/turbo technologies, Inovair geared centrifugal blowers offer comparable or better efficiency at a more economical price, and with greater reliability than air bearing turbos. Efficiency translates directly into energy savings; the higher the efficiency of the blower, the larger amount of energy savings.

Multistage Blowers – UBP

Universal Blower Pac Multistage Blowers offer a full range of options, benefits and service for multistage centrifugal blowers with the quality that you’ve come to know and expect from  UBP. Centrifugal Blower with options up to 22 PSIG & 34,000 SCFM with the following features: Premium absorptive silencers sized to maximum capacity, Inlet filter with weather hood, Heavy duty steel base, Check valve with EPDM seal, Flow Control Valve, Rugged flex joints, Custom motor specific to your needs, UBP MAXControl Panel, VFD trim with floating set point surge control, Surge Control, Direct Driven and Biogas coatings available.

Single Stage Turbo Compressor – Howden Turblex

Howden Turblex– KA series: Single stage turbocompressor  ​The HV-TURBO / TURBLEX KA compressor has an advanced mechanical and aero-dynamical design and cutting edge control system. The air-end and integral gearbox have been developed and evolved based on 30 years of manufacturing experience, creating the most highly efficient air compressor available in the market today. Each customised KA compressor is uniquely made to fit with a specific plant’s specifications thereby consuming significantly less energy compared to other compressor designs. The high quality compressor components, and the conformance with all technical standards, ensure long-term reliability and minimum maintenance.

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