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Unlike typical wet-well electric submersible solids-handling pump installations, dry-pit pump stations are not flooded with sewage. Since the dry-pit pump stations are typically built below grade level, the dry-pit pump station is vulnerable to flooding during an upset condition.

Protection of electrical equipment has dictated the installation of conventional vertically mounted, non-clog pump units in the dry-pit with a conventional electric motor installed at a level above grade, connected by an extended drive shaft. This design keeps the electric motors above the flood level. Maintaining of extended drive shafts, universal joints and bearings can be a mill-wright’s nightmare. Electric submersible pump have been successfully used in dry-pit installations for decades. While designed to continuously operate submerged in the pumped media in the wet-pit design, the adaptability of submersibles provides for excellent service in dry-pit installations.

The utilization of the dry-pit submersible pump has been expanded to include horizontal installation. This webinar reviews the installation modes for electric submersible pumps focusing upon dry-pit type applications. The numerous features and benefits of the horizontal dry-pit installed solids-handling pump will be provided to the attendees. An overview of successful projects of both new and retrofit of ageing pump units will be highlighted with emphasis placed upon design elements that pump station engineers need to focus upon.

Whether designing a new pumping station or a retrofit/upgrade for an ageing dry-pit pump station, current technology in submersible pump designs deliver pump station designers and users with alternatives to consider when developing designs. This webinar relates the technical benefits and savings of placing a submersible pump in horizontal dry-pit service.

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This session will be presented by Bob Domkowski, Engineering Consultant, NA at Xylem and hosted by Kristel Zaman, Flygt Product Marketing Manager, NA at Xylem.

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Safety & Liability in Repairing Explosion Proof Motors for Hazardous Location – Flame Path Integrity

In today’s lean times, budgets are often stretched to their limit. Frequently, it is difficult to justify paying more for a pump repair, especially when other shops may offer lower labor rates. However, there are benefits to using factory authorized repair centers that often go overlooked, particularly when the pump in question is an  Explosion Proof Motor in a Hazardous Location.
The end user has invested in a product with the explosion proof rating for safety and integrity of the equipment. JCI is a factory authorized repair center for Flygt and other manufactures with trained and certified technicians on staff, able to repair explosion proof rated pumps. To maintain this safety and liability, ensure pumps are returned to their original factory specifications including maintaining its Flame Path Integrity.
The following benefits are provided when using JCI’s  factory trained and approved technicians:
  • Only Genuine Flygt Parts will be utilized during the repair work.
  • Exact tolerances and quality are maintained.
  • Repairs are warranted for 12 months from time of repair.
  • Supporting documentation of an explosion proof repair is recorded as proof of the flame path integrity.
  • Peace of mind knowing the equipment is repaired for the intended environment. Don’t lose your pumps rating.
In order to achieve a genuine and validated explosion proof repair, the following must take place:
  • flygt fm approved technician explosion proof pump repairAll repair work must be completed by an approved technician  (Insist the service provider produce all explosion proof approved documents).
  • The repairing shop and technician must have access to the manufacturers explosion proof rated pump’s approval drawings.
  • Repair work must be completed using measuring instruments that have been calibrated within the last 2 years (the service provider must be able to produce this documentation).
  • All parts that are disassembled and reassembled during a repair are measured twice to ensure their suitability (the service provider must provide copies of the documentation recording ALL measurements).
  • Only Genuine OEM Parts can be utilized, and no components can be reconditioned.
  • All explosion proof approved repairs will include a repair checklist.
  • An  repair plate will be permanently affixed to the pump with this certification.

Repair Specification Language:

  • Pumps shall be repaired by Authorized Factory Service Center using Certified  approved technicians using OEM Parts
  • Explosion Proof approved repair shall include a repair checklist documenting flame path integrity including supporting documentation to manufacturers explosion proof rated tolerances
  • A manufacturer’s standard repair plate shall be permanently affixed to pump showing compliance with their explosion proof repair guidelines
  • Pump shall have a factory authorized technician on site for startup.
  • Repair shall be warranted for 12 months from time of delivery
  • Only Genuine OEM Parts can be utilized, and no components can be reconditioned

Flygt’s innovative service cart for horizontal dry pit submersible pumps eliminate problems commonly seen with other pumps

Flygt’s innovative service cart and tried and tested lifting devices ensures safe pump handling for horizontal pumps. Servicing is straightforward thanks to its telescopic opening which gives you access to the pump suction end without having to dismantle the pump. The cart includes pump housing drainage holes for better working environment and pressure gauge connection for simpler performance checks.
Flygt horizontal dry pit service cart

Flygt Horizontal Dry Pit Submersible Pump eliminates the following problems commonly seen in other pumps including:

  • Couplings, guards, shafting, alignment & vibration leading to premature seal and bearing failure.
    • Flygt Design= No coupling, guard, shafting, alignment or vibration issues!
  • Seal water expense & maintenance of solenoid valves, strainers and flow meters.
    • Flygt Design =Requires no seal water or ancillary systems.
  • Bearing greasing & maintenance
    • Flygt Design = Bearings are permanently lubricated.
  • Flooding potential of pump room
    • Flygt Design = Run completely submerged.

Benefits include:

  • Faster maintenance with inspection hatch and patented telescopic opening. Sometimes you want to access the impeller without having to dismantle the entire pump. The telescopic opening gives you access to the pump suction end.

Flygt horizontal dry pit telescoping suction

  • Bolt-on Retrofits: Easier installation with adaptable outlet direction. When installing new vertical pumps in existing stations and plants, the inlet and outlet already are fixed. However, Flygt’s newly designed flexible connection plate makes installation work much quicker and precise. In addition, each pump comes with full instructions for casting foundations.
  • Better working environment with better drainage. Flygt has added a drainage hole to ensure the pump housing is empty before you begin working on the pump—a simple fix that makes a big difference to the working day.
  • Safer handling with lifting equipment and service cart. Horizontal installed Flygt pumps can be equipped with a service cart that can be used for more than one pump. The cart lets you quickly and easily separate the drive unit from the pump housing, and the tried and tested lifting device ensures safe pump handling.
  • Simpler performance checks with connection for pressure gauge. Many customers have said they want to read the pressure on the suction side to ensure optimum operation. To make this possible, Flygt has added a connection for a pressure gauge.

Flygt design includes:

  • Hi-chrome impeller & insert ring provide long service life.
  • N-impeller ensures clog free operation even at reduced speeds.
  • Clog free guarantee.
  • Flood Proof – Peace of mind.
  • Horizontal configuration – Better suction & wet well cleaning.
  • Greatly improved operator safety.

Please see the following video produced by a Kennedy Industries, a Flygt representative in Wisconsin, on an installation featuring  Flygt’s horizontal dry-pit submersible service cart .

Please contact JCI to take advantage of conversions and retrofits of existing vertical or horizontal wastewater pumps configurations to Flygt’s horizontal and vertical dry pit submersible pump with a service cart. JCI provides the engineering expertise for the conversion including custom AutoCAD drawings, engineering support, and turnkey services.

City of Richmond, MO upgrades Wastewater Treatment Plant with Flygt and Aqua-Aerobic Systems products

The City of Richmond, Missouri showcased their updated North and South Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) at an Open House and Facility Tour held May 30, 2015. These updates were undertaken to comply with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNA) requirements and EPA disinfection standards.  They also addressed specific concerns related to the inflow and infiltration of storm water into wastewater.

JCI provided equipment for these upgrades, including Flygt submersible pumps needed in the North and South WWTPs. as well as the Aqua Aerobic Systems Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) for the South WWTP.  This project addressed several long-term solutions for the community.  JCI wishes to thank the City of Richmond for the opportunity to help them stay up-to-date with today’s strict water and wastewater standards.

More background about the upgrades can be found at: http://www.richmond-dailynews.com/2009/06/archive-3310/


Olathe KS wastewater expansion utilizes Flygt and Sanitaire equipment in Biological Nutrient Removal with Fermenter

Cedar Creek WWTP in Olathe, KS now has the first robust treatment system for nitrogen and phosphorus removal in the country, after a 1.5 million gallon per day (MGD) wastewater treatment facility expansion brought the hydraulic capacity of the plant to 5.25 MGD.  The goal of the expansion was to reduce the frequency of wet weather discharge overflow and lower the effluent nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations through biological nutrient removal (BNR).Flygt compactmixer

Xylem – Flygt submersible mixers and a Sanitaire Fine Bubble Aeration system were used in a new five-stage  BNR biological process to remove nitrogen and phosphorous.  Sanitaire’s coarse-bubble aeration system and Flygt PP pumps were used in this multi-step treatment process.

Key highlights of Olathe, KS WWTP Upgrade:

  • Capacity: Increase design from 1.5 MGD to 5.25 MGD
  • Consulting Engineer: Black & Veatch
  • Contractor: Garney (Grimm) Construction
  • Ribbon cutting: November 1, 2013
  • Energy Savings: implementing  fine bubble diffused aeration system
  • Designed for Low effluent Nitrogen & Phosphorus: Biological nutrient removal (BNR)
  • Fermenter: A key item is the WAS “fermenter” in the anaerobic zone to produce volatile fatty acids (VFA) to allow phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAO) to thrive in the anaerobic zone.
    • This allows sufficient carbon sources with VFA to allow for low total nitrogen limits with denitrification and to have VFAs remain in order to meet low phosphorus limits.
    • Without the fermenter, the denitrification process would compete for the VFAs and would not allow sufficient number or phosphorus accumulating organism (PAO).
  • Winner of a Silver Peak Performance Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA)

Other JCI Equipment Highlights:

  • Siemens/Turblex Turbo Blowers with Integrally Geared Compressor
  • Andritz Centrifuge, D4LL

It was featured in Kansas Rural Water Associations, The Kansas Lifeline magazine, “Olathe Expands Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility to Provide Biological Nutrient Removal”,  November 2010.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

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