Customer SPOT Light – KCMO Water “Five Year Old Fascinated By Wastewater Treatment Process”

We are excited to share KC Water’s YouTube channel post on a “Five Year Old Fascinated By Wastewater Treatment Process”. It’s great to see this 5 year old, Damon Mertz, taking a plant tour of KCMO’s Fishing River Wastewater plant. We’re excited by Damon’s interest and look forward to this fine future wastewater treatment plant engineering professional! The link below is direct from Kansas City’s KCMOWater site:

For additional information on the advanced biological nutrient removal (BNR) process at KCMO Fishing River WWTP, click here: Aqua Aerobic “Mix-Air”



Case Study: Clarifier Scum Mixing

“All Clarifiers Should Not Be Without!”

Scum removal is an important feature for both primary and secondary clarifiers; however, specifications rarely specify agitation to help mix and efficiently transport this scum. Primary clarifier scum consists primarily of fats, oils, grease and other “modern trash” debris. Secondary clarifier scum is the biological foam or the biomass that has floated to the top due to denitrification. In a clarifier, scum removal mechanisms use skimmers that push the scum into a scum pit adjacent to the clarifier. As the pit fills with scum, primary and/or scum pumps pump the contents to the digesters.



The wastewater utility had to monthly manually vactor out the scum that accumulates from fats, oils and grease trapped in the primary scum trough which was costly, odorous and messy. The existing scum pumps would only pump out the clear liquid beneath leaving a floating scum mat that built up and needed to be vactored out.

BEFORE: Primary Scum Sludge Closeup
BEFORE: Primary Scum Sludge














Background of Clarifier Scum :

  • Scum removal is an important feature for clarifiers
  • Primary clarifier scum
    • Fats, oils, grease and other “modern trash” debris.
  • Secondary clarifier scum
    • Biological foam or the biomass that has floated to the top due to denitrification.
  • Skimmers push the scum into a pit adjacent to the clarifier.
  • As the pit fills with scum, contents pumped to digesters.
  • Specs rarely specify agitation to help mix and efficiently transport this scum.



In the scum pit, installed a Flygt compact 2.5HP submersible mixers on a timer and set to turn on prior to operation of scum pump. The fats, oils, grease (FOG) and floatables are entrained and pumped away and no more need to manually vactoring out four scum pits monthly.

AFTER: Flygt Submersible Mixer mixes Primary Scum


  • All the troublesome fats, oils, grease (FOG) and floatables were entrained and pumped away.
  • No more need to manually vactor out four scum pits monthly.
  • Saved $3,000 per month
  • Eliminated
    • Odors,
    • Nuisance
    • Messy conditions
  • Happy Operations Staff & Neighbors


A Flygt pump with N-hydraulics was installed to retrofit screw induced pumps. The Flygt’s self cleaning impeller to handle the challenging scum/debris without clogging.

Flygt’s Self-Cleaning Pump ideal for handling Primary Scum without clogging


SPOTLIGHT – Suncoast Hydraulic Electric Manufacturing – Getting the Stink Out

Suncoast Hydraulic Electric Manufacturing (Suncoast) was founded in 1990 building control systems to operate car washes.  When you visit an automated car wash and select what type of wash you want and include specific cleaning details such as under carriage, wheels, etc., that is the magic behind their product.

That experience led to a new division in 2000 for the wastewater industry.  If you’ve ever been near a wastewater treatment plant or lift station and smelled a bad odor, you can understand the problem the neighboring community is facing.  How do they get that smell out of there?  Suncoast has solutions for this.

The close proximity of this wastewater lift station to the neighboring community was a problem until Suncoast’s Oda Killa was installed.

Suncoast has 16 sales representatives nationwide.  Currently there are 28 employees at the Jacksonville, Florida location building the units for both the car wash industry and the wastewater division.  Soon, Suncoast will have an automated manufacturing system in place to make it easier and quicker to build their units.  It takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks to build a control panel for the wastewater plant once all of the submittals and drawings are submitted.

The Oda Killa by Suncoast eliminates odor by using UV treatment for above ground installations.  They are available in 10, 20, 30 & 60 grams per hour for different sized units.  They are the most versatile and effective and can be modified to the customer’s needs.  What does the Oda Killa do?  It removes the methyl mercaptan (the rotten cabbage smell) and Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S (the rotten egg smell) from the air around the lift stations.

Suncoast Grease Killa in action destroying three feet of grease.

The Grease Killa eliminates FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) for below ground installations in wet wells and headworks. (See photo at right)

The newest product, the Oda Killa UV System uses UV lighting on low flow systems. (See photo below)

Oda Killa UV System

Every piece of equipment is hooked up to a motor and tested before it ever leaves their shop.  They simulate floats and produce a quality control report and/or video the results.

Suncoast is so confidant in their odor control systems, that if you do not get the results you were promised in writing, they will do whatever is requires to make it work or they will remove all of their equipment and return your site back to its original state at NO COST TO YOU!

Success Stories:  Their first installation of the Oda Killa was in Palm Coast, Florida.  That installation has been so successful that Palm Coast now has nine Oda Killa units throughout the area.  There is also a unit installed on the end of the scrubber at Sea World.

Another successful installation is in the open market area of downtown Jacksonville, FL.  It was uninhabitable due to the odors.  Now, thanks to the Oda Killa, they hold open-air concerts, farmer’s markets and even weddings with the St. John’s River as a back-drop. (See photo below)

The building on the left houses the Oda Killa units for the open air market at St. Johns Landing.

Local Project:  A new lift station is being constructed off of Front Street in Kansas City, Missouri. However, when you bring in a lift station you also bring the odor with it.  To prevent that, the engineer specified the Oda Killa unit to be installed as well.  No other product was allowed or approved for this job.  That speaks volumes of the confidence they have in Oda Killa.  It is exciting for our community to be getting the first installation in our area.

To get more information regarding Suncoast Hydraulic Electric Manufacturing click here.

Mission SCADA – Take Advantage of Free 60 Day Evaluation – No Strings Attached

Take Advantage of Free 60 Day Evaluation – No Strings Attached & No Obligations

mission-scadaLet JCI’s factory trained technicians professionally install a Mission unit to any lift station, water tank, line pressure or any other monitoring need. Installation is unobtrusive and lets you take advantage of a full SCADA system that is so simple, that we’ll have you up and running in less than a day. Use it as a stand alone system, or as fill-in or backup for existing SCADA systems. Cities including Olathe, Gardner, Blue Springs, Springfield and many others have taken advantage of Mission SCADA systems.
Take advantage of the free trial and the ability of a  fully implemented systems at a fraction of the costs of traditional SCADA. In many cases, such as a lift station monitoring, enjoy the MISSION SCADA system for less than the price of many auto-dialers.
mission-scada-pebble-beachSee for yourself why thousands of customers enthusiastically recommend MISSION including the following quote from a customer that took advantage of the free demo. The customer had read about the MISSION system in trade magazines, but because of the low price and  prior experiences with cellular,  didn’t think the system would meet expectations. Following is the customer’s comment of their experience with MISSION:
“It’s a little embarrassing. We bought MISSION as a backup to our existing SCADA. In many areas it out performs the primary system. It’s certainly a heck of a lot less expensive and easier to use.” 
Follow the link to Mission’s website for the full case study of “Pebble Beach – Mission for backup of existing SCADA System”. With its reliability and affordability, other cities and utilities can make Mission their primary or only SCADA system.

The MISSION system includes the use of all our web based SCADA software, software upgrades, and hosting and maintaining two customer web sites.  All technical support, and all wireless data and long distance telephone charges and archiving of the customers’ historic device data is also included.  In addition, the MISSION system can send all your data through an OPC interface into your SCADA software.

Contact JCI or email to discuss a free trial.

For more information on Mission Communications, follow the link to more information on our website: – Click Here.

Safety & Liability in Repairing Explosion Proof Motors for Hazardous Location – Flame Path Integrity

In today’s lean times, budgets are often stretched to their limit. Frequently, it is difficult to justify paying more for a pump repair, especially when other shops may offer lower labor rates. However, there are benefits to using factory authorized repair centers that often go overlooked, particularly when the pump in question is an  Explosion Proof Motor in a Hazardous Location.
The end user has invested in a product with the explosion proof rating for safety and integrity of the equipment. JCI is a factory authorized repair center for Flygt and other manufactures with trained and certified technicians on staff, able to repair explosion proof rated pumps. To maintain this safety and liability, ensure pumps are returned to their original factory specifications including maintaining its Flame Path Integrity.
The following benefits are provided when using JCI’s  factory trained and approved technicians:
  • Only Genuine Flygt Parts will be utilized during the repair work.
  • Exact tolerances and quality are maintained.
  • Repairs are warranted for 12 months from time of repair.
  • Supporting documentation of an explosion proof repair is recorded as proof of the flame path integrity.
  • Peace of mind knowing the equipment is repaired for the intended environment. Don’t lose your pumps rating.
In order to achieve a genuine and validated explosion proof repair, the following must take place:
  • flygt fm approved technician explosion proof pump repairAll repair work must be completed by an approved technician  (Insist the service provider produce all explosion proof approved documents).
  • The repairing shop and technician must have access to the manufacturers explosion proof rated pump’s approval drawings.
  • Repair work must be completed using measuring instruments that have been calibrated within the last 2 years (the service provider must be able to produce this documentation).
  • All parts that are disassembled and reassembled during a repair are measured twice to ensure their suitability (the service provider must provide copies of the documentation recording ALL measurements).
  • Only Genuine OEM Parts can be utilized, and no components can be reconditioned.
  • All explosion proof approved repairs will include a repair checklist.
  • An  repair plate will be permanently affixed to the pump with this certification.

Repair Specification Language:

  • Pumps shall be repaired by Authorized Factory Service Center using Certified  approved technicians using OEM Parts
  • Explosion Proof approved repair shall include a repair checklist documenting flame path integrity including supporting documentation to manufacturers explosion proof rated tolerances
  • A manufacturer’s standard repair plate shall be permanently affixed to pump showing compliance with their explosion proof repair guidelines
  • Pump shall have a factory authorized technician on site for startup.
  • Repair shall be warranted for 12 months from time of delivery
  • Only Genuine OEM Parts can be utilized, and no components can be reconditioned

Flygt’s innovative service cart for horizontal dry pit submersible pumps eliminate problems commonly seen with other pumps

Flygt’s innovative service cart and tried and tested lifting devices ensures safe pump handling for horizontal pumps. Servicing is straightforward thanks to its telescopic opening which gives you access to the pump suction end without having to dismantle the pump. The cart includes pump housing drainage holes for better working environment and pressure gauge connection for simpler performance checks.
Flygt horizontal dry pit service cart

Flygt Horizontal Dry Pit Submersible Pump eliminates the following problems commonly seen in other pumps including:

  • Couplings, guards, shafting, alignment & vibration leading to premature seal and bearing failure.
    • Flygt Design= No coupling, guard, shafting, alignment or vibration issues!
  • Seal water expense & maintenance of solenoid valves, strainers and flow meters.
    • Flygt Design =Requires no seal water or ancillary systems.
  • Bearing greasing & maintenance
    • Flygt Design = Bearings are permanently lubricated.
  • Flooding potential of pump room
    • Flygt Design = Run completely submerged.

Benefits include:

  • Faster maintenance with inspection hatch and patented telescopic opening. Sometimes you want to access the impeller without having to dismantle the entire pump. The telescopic opening gives you access to the pump suction end.

Flygt horizontal dry pit telescoping suction

  • Bolt-on Retrofits: Easier installation with adaptable outlet direction. When installing new vertical pumps in existing stations and plants, the inlet and outlet already are fixed. However, Flygt’s newly designed flexible connection plate makes installation work much quicker and precise. In addition, each pump comes with full instructions for casting foundations.
  • Better working environment with better drainage. Flygt has added a drainage hole to ensure the pump housing is empty before you begin working on the pump—a simple fix that makes a big difference to the working day.
  • Safer handling with lifting equipment and service cart. Horizontal installed Flygt pumps can be equipped with a service cart that can be used for more than one pump. The cart lets you quickly and easily separate the drive unit from the pump housing, and the tried and tested lifting device ensures safe pump handling.
  • Simpler performance checks with connection for pressure gauge. Many customers have said they want to read the pressure on the suction side to ensure optimum operation. To make this possible, Flygt has added a connection for a pressure gauge.

Flygt design includes:

  • Hi-chrome impeller & insert ring provide long service life.
  • N-impeller ensures clog free operation even at reduced speeds.
  • Clog free guarantee.
  • Flood Proof – Peace of mind.
  • Horizontal configuration – Better suction & wet well cleaning.
  • Greatly improved operator safety.

Please see the following video produced by a Kennedy Industries, a Flygt representative in Wisconsin, on an installation featuring  Flygt’s horizontal dry-pit submersible service cart .

Please contact JCI to take advantage of conversions and retrofits of existing vertical or horizontal wastewater pumps configurations to Flygt’s horizontal and vertical dry pit submersible pump with a service cart. JCI provides the engineering expertise for the conversion including custom AutoCAD drawings, engineering support, and turnkey services.

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