Chemical Feed Municipal Wastewater

Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pumps – Hose & Tube Pumps

Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pumps – Positive displacement pump where the fluid is contained within a flexible tube or hose fitted inside a circular pump casing. As the rotor rotates part of the tube under compression is pinched closed forcing the fluid to be pumped to move through the tube.  Pumps include the following series:

  • Cased Drive: 530, 630, 730 Series Tube Pumps
  • QDos Tube Pumps
  • Bredel  / APEX -Hose Pumps
  • DuCoNite Bredel Hose Pumps
  • Sinusoidal Pumps – Certa  Polymer, Viscous Handling
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Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps

Pulsafeeder – For over 75 years, Pulsafeeder Engineered Products continues to be a leader in diaphragm and dosing pump technologies. With experience in various chemical injection applications, Pulsafeeder pumps and systems are manufactured to serve the unique requirements of our global customer base. We understand that each chemical has its own unique set of challenges that must be taken into consideration. With decades of experience, Pulsafeeder offers pumping technologies that meet and exceed industry requirements for safety, reliability, and precise control. Our pumps are known for their rugged construction, and dependable and repeatable performance in difficult environments. Pulsafeeder’s culture of quality and manufacturing excellence is reflected in our Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.  Pump include the following series:

  • Pulsa
  • Pulsar
  • Eclipse
  • Eclipse Non-metallic
  • Packaged Systems
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Chlorine Gas Feed System & Scrubbers – DeNora- Capital Controls

Capital Controls original all-vacuum gas feed system was invented in 1960, introducing groundbreaking chlorination safety. With thousands of installations around the world and ongoing product innovation, De Nora gas feed technologies continue to be the unparalleled standard today. As a pioneer in the field for nearly 60 years, the Capital Controls® name represents a reputation of reliability, built on an intimate knowledge of the science, technology, and applications and a history of listening to and responding to customer needs. As part of our commitment to innovation, the Capital Controls gas feed disinfection line now includes a cabinet series with a unique space-saving footprint and a sleek modern design, offering clearer distinction between models to simplify decision-making based on sizing needs..

EST scrubbers offers a variety of EST™ eductor venturi products and ejectors as well as other process equipment. We supply individual eductor components as well as completely engineered packages incorporating pumps, valves, ejectors, piping and instrumentation. Our product offerings are available in a wide range of materials. Complete line of EST industrial and municipal scrubbers. Includes standard and custom designed wet and dry scrubbers for emergency gas abatement, odor scrubbers, particulate scrubbers, and a complete line of systems for industrial installations. We also offer a wide range of materials of construction to handle the most corrosive environments.
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De Nora – Liquid Dosing System with Vacuum Feeders – Hypo & Bisulfite Feed – Alternative to gas & pump systems

De Nora Capital Controls Hypochlorite Liquid Dosing System he system is comprised of an automatic vacuum injector to safely introduce the liquid into the feed-water stream for operations that require high efficiency, accuracy, control and safety. The system will feed numerous aqueous chemicals commonly used in municipal and industrial water treatment systems, i.e, sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulfate, aluminum sulfate, ammonium sulfate, acids, sodium hydroxide, non-oxidizing biocides, scale and corrosion inhibitors.

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Emergency Chlorine Scrubber – RJ Environmental

Evoqua RJ Environmental Emergency Scrubber RJ-2000 is the world’s most popular emergency scrubber system. The process is designed to contain and neutralize chlorine vapors in response to a gas leak or catastrophic cylinder failure. The RJ-2000 scrubber uses a unique horizontal flow path, with a proprietary caustic distribution network, to absorb better than 99.999% of the chlorine gas entering the scrubber, in a very compact footprint and low profile.

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MASTRRR Company – Chemical Injection Mixer & Accessories

MASTRRR Company manufacturers a variety of chemical induction ultra highrate flash mixers eliminating the need for water supplies, boosterpumps, ejectors, diffusers, mechanical mixers, and static mixers. Submersible series and flanged inline series are designed to induct and flash mix gas and or liquid chemicals with superior velocity gradient mixing intensity into open channels, basins, tanks or pipelines. Applications include chlorination, dechlorination, highrate disinfection for water, wastewater, and CSO basin applications, coagulant flash mixing and many more single or dual feed applications.

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Emergency Shutoff – Robo-Control – Gas Chlorination

JCS Industries – Emergency Gas Chlorinator & Chlorination Accessories

The Model 2000C is an actuator system that can REMOTELY OPEN & CLOSE the valves on chlorine and sulfur dioxide ton containers.

The system includes a battery operated actuator with an electric motor that rotates the valve stem towards the open or closed position for alignment, tests and remote operation. The actuator is designed to mount without interfering with or requiring yokes or additional adapters for dispensers or discharging hardware. The motor, gears and controls are assembled as one unit.


• Battery operated with automatic charger • Optional integral leak detection for automatic shutdown • Remote close by leak detector, panic button or other digital signals such as PLC or computer • Easy to install or remove • Can be used on chlorine and sulfur dioxide ton containers • Eliminates the need for scrubbers in certain applications per the Uniform Fire Code

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Onsite Hypochlorite Generation, UGSI; PSI Microclor

PSI Water Technologies- UGSI; PSI, Microclor, PAX, Monoclor – manufactures an On‐site generation disinfection system that applies electricity to a solution of salt and water to produce sodium hypochlorite. Incoming water first goes through a softener, then splits into two lines. One line goes to the electrolytic cell, where electricity is applied to the brine solution, and the other goes to a brine storage tank. Near‐saturated brine is injected into the softened water that is going to the electrolytic cell. A current is passed through the electrolytic cell, producing sodium hypochlorite, which is stored in another tank, then metered into the water moving through the treatment process. Hydrogen gas is a natural byproduct of the electrolytic process and must be removed from the cell and storage tank.

While the competitors offered similar products, Process Solutions, Inc. (PSI) offered additional benefits that were important, particularly the safety aspect of PSI’s hydrogen‐purging design. In PSI’s Microclor® on‐site generator, the electrolytic cells are configured in a patented vertical format with a recirculation loop on each cell that allows for passive release of the hydrogen gas from each individual cell. This design increases operator safety and reduces the possibility of hydrogen gas build‐up in the cell.

Another key factor of PSI’s system is the ability to remove one electrolytic cell without going offline. The Microclor® vertical cell design allows the cell to be removed from the cell carrier piping by simply breaking two unions, making for easy cell maintenance or replacement and increased redundancy.

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Fluoride, Lime Slakers, Silos, Emergency Chlorine Scrubbers, Odor Control – IMS – Integrity Municipal Systems

Integrity Municipal Systems (IMS) is a manufacturer devoted to the design and supply of innovative, pre-assembled, process solutions for the water and wastewater industry. Our fluoride and ammonia feed systems, lime slakers, storage silos, packaged odor control systems, and emergency chlorine scrubbers are fully assembled at our manufacturing factory and designed for ease of installation thereby reducing both time and expense at the client site. Our products originate from the needs of our customers. Let us know what you need, and how we can help you. Our field services team provides comprehensive post-installation maintenance, repair, parts, and support services. IMS has achieved a reputation for producing unique, practical, and cost-effective solutions for our customers. We are committed to providing quality, service, and overall value that exceed your expectations.

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Dry Bulk Chemical Feed, Silos, Feeders – STT – Storage & Transfer Technologies

STT Storage & Transfer Technologies designs, procures, installs and supports dry bulk chemical processing systems, material storage and transfer systems for new system or existing systems including replacement parts. What makes STT different is our diverse experience in many applications, industries and chemicals including. Manufacture systems include Mixing and Slaking Systems, Pneumatic Conveying,  Fixed and Mobile Transloads, Reagent Preparation Systems and Liquid Storage Tanks. Offer system retrofits and improvement where our experienced technicians can help you troubleshoot issues, design and supply solutions, install and commission retrofits and offer services and parts that will help you keep everything running smoothly. STT has the technical capability to diagnose issues across all engineering disciplines, and either recommend operational solutions or provide anything from spare parts to entire new feed trains and storage silos, which we can be retrofit into your plant.

STT offers slakers, silos, silo roofs, scrubbers, betting bowls, bin vents, screw conveyors, pumps, mixers, and feeders. Manufacture fully automated slakers to replace manually controlled equipment, providing real-time monitoring and of your slaking process, chemical system retrofit for dust and moisture control and reduction of clogs, modified feed retrofit to improve slaking reaction and drive efficient lime usage, and mixer and tank baffle redesign to reduce solids build-up at the bottom of slurry tank.

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Dry Polymer Preparation System -Polyblend & DynaJet- UGSI

UGSI PolyBlend® DP Series Dry Polymer Feed System offers a unique two-stage method of initial high-shear mixing followed by low-shear mixing. The mechanical activation of the dry polymer ensures polymer optimization and lowers operating costs. An innovative stainless steel “hollow wing” mixing impeller in the mix/hold tank reduces polymer consumption by providing proper energy at low speed through impeller size and recirculation to prevent agglomerations while minimizing polymer fracture. With minimal maintenance and a small footprint, the PolyBlend® DP is fully automatic and easy-to-operate.

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GSI Encore 700 diaphragm metering pump

UGSI Encore 700 diaphragm metering pump combines the robustness of hydraulic diaphragm pumps with the simplicity and service-ability of a mechanical pump. Handles up to 660 GPH up to 175 psi with efficient, reliable and smooth discharge pattern through the use of a variable non-loss-motion eccentric stroke adjustment. Available in direct drive or pulley drive for an additional 4:1 range ability on stroke frequency with a standard induction motor. When the pulley drive arrangement is combined with a DC variable speed motor, total operating turndown can be as high as 800:1. Repeatable metering accuracy is ± 2% of full scale. Valve assemblies can be easily maintained with without disturbing the suction and discharge piping and clear PVC valve housing allows visual indication of operation.

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