Flygt Chopper Pumps

Flygt Chopper Pump – Wastewater Chopper pump features patented Flygt N-technology, which is renowned for its self-cleaning capabilities and sustained high efficiency. The chopper pump performs like no other, handling whatever goes down the drain — from rags and wood to clothing and other debris. Flygt Chopper pumps feature the patented Flygt N-impeller, which rotates inside a chopper insert ring. This rotation cuts all types of hard-to-pump solids, such as fibrous material, textiles and other debris, into small, easy-to-pump pieces. The Flygt F Chopper pump transports tough solids and reduces operation and maintenance costs. Under extreme conditions, our energy-efficient chopper pumps run continuously with sustained hydraulic efficiency in heavy-duty applications such as:

  • Heavy-duty wastewater applications
  • Correctional facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Anaerobic Digester Jet Motive Pump

Engineered for Long Life

  • Replaceable chopper insert ring made of Hard-Iron™ High Chrome (25%) material for tough wastewater applications where cutting is required
  • Reducted Maintenance over conventional chopper pumps; Unlike other Choppers, performance/operation is not dependent on “sharpened” cutters where a dull cutter results in clogging and additional maintenance.
  • Energy Savings over conventional chopper pumps; Unlike other choppers that has significant decrease in efficiency versus traditional non-clog pumps, Flygt’s chopper results in a high efficiency that is sustained over time with N-Technology Impeller.
  • Hard Iron™ High Chrome (25%) impeller suitable for cutting demands and with exceptional wear resistance in tough wastewater applications
  • Short shaft overhang reduces shaft deflection and increases seal and bearing life
  • Motor designed for submersible use. Heat is concentrated to the stator core for improved cooling properties.
  • Plug-in™ seal with Active Seal™ system eliminates the risk associated with incorrect installation and careless handling presented in one easy to handle unit.
  • Motor cable SUBCAB® specially developed for submersible use.
  • Flexible cooling system: closed loop cooling system, media cooled or external cooling, for handling a wide variety of situations
  • Inverter Duty Motor Standard on all Flygt products
  • Permanently Greased Bearings, Upper & Lower

Product Assistance

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