Disk Filter – MegaDisk 24MGD


Aqua Aerobic MegaDisk Cloth Media Filter treats up to 24 MGD in a single unit.

The Aqua MegaDisk™ filter offers mega capacity, reliability and performance while operating in a small footprint.

  • 80% less footprint than sand filters with comparable capacity
  • Utilizes the exclusive Optifiber cloth filtration media
  • Low energy consumption
  • Continuous Filtration even during backwash
  • Ideal for deep bed filter retrofits, new plants, expansion and microscreen replacements

Why Cloth Media?

It’s not just “hydraulic loading” rate, but also “solids loading” rate that matters for an effective Tertiary Device (especially when filtering TSS and precipitated phosphorus solids).

  • Provides solids loading rate that is 7 to 12 times of a microscreen.
  • Extending filter fun time between backwashes with thousands of hair-like fibers to intercept and store solids particles.
    • Less frequent backwash to downstream processes (ie. UV).
      • During demanding conditions (plant upset or storm conditions) microscreen backwashing can result in a high frequency or continuous backwash providing an unplanned additional flow of 10% or more to the UV system. Ensure your downstream systems can accommodate excessive backwash from competitor microscreens.
  • Solids Removal (L/d) of technologies
    • Cloth Media= 700
    • Microscreen = 1
    • Deep Bed Filter = 700-1200
  • Surface Depth of Screen
    • Cloth = 3 to 5 mm
    • Microscreen = 0.06 mm
      • Cloth has 83x more depth


  • Tertiary filtration
  • Phosphorus removal
  • New and retrofit plants
  • Reuse / Recycle (California Title 22 approval)

For information about the operation of Aqua Aerobic MegaDisk view this short, narrated video.


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