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STT Storage & Transfer Technologies designs, procures, installs and supports dry bulk chemical processing systems, material storage and transfer systems for new system or existing systems including replacement parts. What makes STT different is our diverse experience in many applications, industries and chemicals including. Manufacture systems include Mixing and Slaking Systems, Pneumatic Conveying, Fixed and Mobile Transloads, Reagent Preparation Systems and Liquid Storage Tanks. Offer system retrofits and improvement where our experienced technicians can help you troubleshoot issues, design and supply solutions, install and commission retrofits and offer services and parts that will help you keep everything running smoothly. STT has the technical capability to diagnose issues across all engineering disciplines, and either recommend operational solutions or provide anything from spare parts to entire new feed trains and storage silos, which we can be retrofit into your plant.

STT offers slakers, silos, silo roofs, scrubbers, betting bowls, bin vents, screw conveyors, pumps, mixers, and feeders. Manufacture fully automated slakers to replace manually controlled equipment, providing real-time monitoring and of your slaking process, chemical system retrofit for dust and moisture control and reduction of clogs, modified feed retrofit to improve slaking reaction and drive efficient lime usage, and mixer and tank baffle redesign to reduce solids build-up at the bottom of slurry tank.

Mix Tanks

Some processes are more simplistic and do not require a high quality slurry. Mixtank/Batch type slakers produce a carefully metered slurry, and are best suited to applications with relatively low slaking rate along with consistent quicklime and water sources.


  • Most cost effective solution to meet slaking needs
  • Low maintenance cost due to simplistic operation
  • Available in a wide range of slaking capacities, up to 500 kg/hr.
Submersible Pump Repair

Detention Slakers

Detention slakers are relatively inexpensive to install and are well suited to applications where lime quality is reliable. STT has taken one of the best detention slakers on the market, the ZMI Portec®, and made it better with operational upgrades.

Research has shown that for any given quicklime source, slaking temperature control is the single most important factor influencing the reactivity of the final lime slurry. Our fully automated temperature control provides a highly reactive slurry and minimizes hot spots.


  • Fully automated operation
  • Horizontal paddle ensures complete reaction of lime and water
  • Wetting bowl inlet eliminates lime feed plugging
  • Consistent and completely mixed slurry, with no hot spots
  • Effective dust and steam removal from forced draft wet scrubber for a clean, safe and operator-friendly environment
  • Mixer breaks the water surface eliminating risk of violent reaction or explosion
  • Vibrating screen for effective grit removal
Submersible Pump Repair

Vertical Ball Mills

When lime or water quality is poor and/or when lime consumption rates are high, STT designs slaking systems utilizing a vertical ball mill. The total grinding process of a vertical ball mill utilizes all residual reaction value, virtually eliminates grit disposal problems, and significantly improves lime usage efficiency.STT has partnered with Metso to integrate the VERTIMILL® into STT’s complete system package. This, along with our patented lime feed arrangement specifically designed for the Metso Vertimill, ensures all lime fed to the mill reacts completely with water to produce a highly reactive slurry.


  • Minimizes effects of poor lime or water quality, giving end-user more options for sourcing
  • Improved lime slaking efficiency with our patented lime feed design, reducing feed costs
  • Produces ultra-fine, highly reactive product, increasing operational efficiency
  • No grit removal required, reducing waste fees
  • Minimal maintenance cost

When your environment is demanding or requires grit to be ground and retained in the lime slurry, rather than being screened, collected, and disposed of, STT has the experience to overcome your obstacles and design the right product to achieve your operational goals.

Product Assistance

Please describe the products or service needs in the short form below and our technical assistants will work closely with you to ensure you have all necessary parts shipped instantly. You can also call our experts at 800-366-7867.

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