ECO2 – Super-Oxygenation Odor Removal System

ECO2 SuperOxygenation Odor Removal System operates by pumping a side stream of raw, unscreened wastewater through a conical shaped oxygen transfer device also known as the ‘Speece Cone’. Gaseous pure oxygen is metered into the cone and completely dissolved due to the exceptionally large gas/water interface generated by the bubble swarm inside of the cone. The oxygenated water is blended back into the forecemain.

ECO2 Advantages:

  • Consistently better results in H2S reduction than traditional odor control chemicals.
  • Significantly lower operating costs than traditional chemicals *(as low as 20-50%).
  • Flow-paced O2 feed system guarantees efficient use of O2.
  • No storing and handling of hazardous chemicals.
  • No chemical deliveries.
  • No increase in sludge production

Case Studies/ Local Installations:

Raymore, MO – Odor & Corrosion Control

As many other cities around the country, the City of Raymore designed their force mains for future growth. The Owen Good Pump Station has a capacity of over 7 MGD, but pumps less than 1 MGD, resulting in less than optimum velocities in the force main and hydraulic retention times of up to 17 hours. Sewage goes septic after approx. 1 hour in a force main, at which point the sulfide formation begins. City staff measured H2S concentrations of 123 ppm avg. with daily spikes of up to 600-900 ppm at the discharge of the over 3 mile long 24’’ force main.

The City realized that these H2S concentrations go beyond the odor complaints they’ve been receiving in the downtown area and the accelerated corrosion they’ve been experiencing.  The data indicates that at times the City staff maybe exposed to a severe health risk when working in their gravity system.

The consultant prepared an odor evaluation for the City of Raymore, comparing the ECO2 Technology to two other oxygen injection methods, as well as traditional chemical feed alternatives, such as calcium nitrate, Bioxide®, ferrous chloride, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite.

Oxygen addition is less expensive than any of the chemicals. Operating the ECO2 Equipment is also less expensive than any other pressurized side stream oxygenation system, due to lower pump horse power and lower maintenance requirements.

While a direct oxygen addition with a sparger would be less capital intensive, the risk for rags and debris getting caught on it is significant. Furthermore, non-dissolved oxygen will build up to form a headspace in the pipe, which will affect the pump operation.

The graph below shows the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration measured continuously over 12 days, at the discharge of the 3-mile-long, 24” force main (daily spikes of 600-900 ppm). The City
realized that these H2S concentrations go beyond the odor complaints and the accelerated corrosion they have been experiencing. The data indicates that at times the City staff maybe exposed to a severe health risk when working on their gravity system.

The City chose the ECO2  Equipment not only for the lowest operating and capital cost, but also for the most reliable system with the highest proven oxygen transfer efficiency

Saint Joseph, MO

Follow this link for a local newspaper article regarding the upgrade of an ECO2 Super-Oxygenation system in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

St. Joseph newspaper article: “Our Opinion: City clears the air on Parkway A”

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