JCI Seminars: KCP&L Energy Efficiency Rebate Program; Energy Savings & VFD Training

Industry professionals attended JCI’s Seminar on Energy Savings.  Instructors include experts from Toshiba and JCI Industries, Inc.

  • Energy Saving Seminar Energy – Advantages of Premium Efficient Motors, Applying Variable Frequency Drives to save energy and how to properly calculate energy savings and KCP&L’s Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program.
  • Variable Frequency Drive Training –  Drive down energy costs and increase production by properly sizing variable frequency drives (VFD) and motors for your application and properly calculating energy savings. We will cover basic motor and drive theory, basic types of VFDs, and the difference between variable and constant torque applications.  You will learn hands on VFD programming, how to connect your VFD to your automation system, and the effects of Harmonics on your power system. For more information on this seminar, see VFD Training Flyer.

For more information or to schedule a seminar contact Jonathan Burri at JCI Industries. 

Phone 816-525-3320                     Fax 816 525-5881             Email: jburri@jciind.com

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