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Evoqua: Envirex- Diamond S Membrane Disc Diffusers is more efficient than a typical 9″ diameter diffuser, resulting in better performance and lower energy costs. The proprietary diamond punch pattern provides 10% more slits than a typical membrane, allowing more fine bubbles to be produced. Additionally, the Diamond S Plus diffuser has 45% greater tensile strength than typical membranes for durability and tear resistance and less than 9% extractable oil for improved diffuser life.


  • Ideal for air-on/air-off applications such as SBRs and aerobic digesters
  • Higher sustained efficiencies verified through 3rd party testing
  • Advanced membrane perforation technique creates extremely fine, uniform bubble pattern for optimal oxygen transfer
  • Low maintenance and long service life of 10+ years

Diffuser Properties

  • The Diamond™ S Plus Membrane Diffuser includes a patented diamond platform which improves efficiency and lowers life cycle costs.
  • Custom Formulated EPDM Material Provides:
    • Wastewater specific compound with lower soluble oil content for longer life
    • Tensile strength up to 50% greater than industry standard membranes
      • Industry Standard: 1200 to 1450 psi; Envirex Diamond S 2100+ psi (increase in tensile strength is directly proportional to life expectancy of the diffuser)
    • Tear resistance is 2 times industry standard
      • Industry Standard: 350%; Diamond S 800% Elongation before failure
  • Can be used to retrofit existing 9” ceramic or membrane installations of any industry standard 9” pod, including:

■ Aercor® Diffusers –
■ Aquarius Technologies Inc.
■ Environmental Dynamics, International
■ Stamford Scientific International, Inc.
■ Sanitaire®-Xylem, Inc.
■ USFilter®

  • Can be part of a new DualAir® Diffuser piping system to replace aging hardware
  • Integrated check-valve: Yes
  • Typical operating air flow range per diffuser 0.5 scfm to 7 scfm
  • Typical standard aeration efficiency(5-12 lb O2 / hp-h)
  • Typical standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) 2-2.5% per ft submergence​

DualAir® fine bubble diffuser systems provide heavy duty piping and components for long term, trouble free operation. The unique dual pod concept saves installation time by eliminating 30-50% of the required air headers. The DualAir system incorporates the efficient and durable Diamond™ S Plus membrane or ceramic disc diffusers.

MonoAir™ single pod diffuser systems are a cost-effective alternative to DualAir systems. MonoAir diffusers are factory solvent welded to the crown of the pipe to ensure a reliable connection and include the Diamond S Plus membrane for high oxygen transfer efficiency.

FlexDisc™ fine bubble membrane diffusers can be used with a variety of piping systems. Diffusers attach to the piping with an NPT threaded connection and incorporate the Diamond S Plus membrane disc diffuser.

FlexDome™ Fine Bubble Diffusers offer a patented bolt-on design allowing for the retrofit of the ceramic dome media while keeping the rest of the header piping system intact.

Rex-Flex™ fine bubble membrane diffusers allow for excellent process aeration efficiency. When air is turned on, the membrane expands and rises off its seat and the apertures open to release a controlled, energy efficient stream of bubbles. Installation is easy and provides superior process flexibility while reducing energy costs.

The Diamond™ S Plus membrane diffuser is more efficient than a typical 9″ diameter diffuser, resulting in better performance and lower energy costs. The proprietary diamond punch pattern provides 10% more slits than a typical membrane, allowing more fine bubbles to be produced.

A series of diffusers were sent to Redmon Engineering Company for analysis in April 2016 in order to quantify the
benefit of the diamond punch pattern. Redmon Engineering is well known in the industry as an expert in diffuser and mass transfer analysis.

Tests were conducted in Redmon Engineering’s laboratory facility, which is typically used to measure diffuser performance using steady state clean water standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) test protocols. The Diamond S Plus diffusers were tested at the same density and submergence as other comparable diffusers. 

The resulting SOTE values for the Diamond S Plus diffusers averaged just over 21%. “These are excellent values, as typical nine-inch diameter membranes typically fall in the range of 19 to 20% – Redmon Engineering

This equates to a minimum of 5% greater performance than industry standard membrane discs. For a 1.0 MGD facility, this yields an energy savings of 2.3 HP.

The Diamond S Plus membrane present value (PV) of energy savings for a typical 10 year membrane life is $7,320 at a 7% discount rate, or $7.32 per diffuser if power costs are $0.07/ kWh PV of savings varies based on the power cost.

For every 1,000 replacement membrane diffusers at $0.07/kWh, other standard industry diffusers would need to be offered at a capital cost of $7,320 less to match the present value power savings of the Diamond S Plus diffuser.

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