Flygt’s innovative service cart for horizontal dry pit submersible pumps eliminate problems commonly seen with other pumps

Flygt’s innovative service cart and tried and tested lifting devices ensures safe pump handling for horizontal pumps. Servicing is straightforward thanks to its telescopic opening which gives you access to the pump suction end without having to dismantle the pump. The cart includes pump housing drainage holes for better working environment and pressure gauge connection for simpler performance checks.
Flygt horizontal dry pit service cart

Flygt Horizontal Dry Pit Submersible Pump eliminates the following problems commonly seen in other pumps including:

  • Couplings, guards, shafting, alignment & vibration leading to premature seal and bearing failure.
    • Flygt Design= No coupling, guard, shafting, alignment or vibration issues!
  • Seal water expense & maintenance of solenoid valves, strainers and flow meters.
    • Flygt Design =Requires no seal water or ancillary systems.
  • Bearing greasing & maintenance
    • Flygt Design = Bearings are permanently lubricated.
  • Flooding potential of pump room
    • Flygt Design = Run completely submerged.

Benefits include:

  • Faster maintenance with inspection hatch and patented telescopic opening. Sometimes you want to access the impeller without having to dismantle the entire pump. The telescopic opening gives you access to the pump suction end.

Flygt horizontal dry pit telescoping suction

  • Bolt-on Retrofits: Easier installation with adaptable outlet direction. When installing new vertical pumps in existing stations and plants, the inlet and outlet already are fixed. However, Flygt’s newly designed flexible connection plate makes installation work much quicker and precise. In addition, each pump comes with full instructions for casting foundations.
  • Better working environment with better drainage. Flygt has added a drainage hole to ensure the pump housing is empty before you begin working on the pump—a simple fix that makes a big difference to the working day.
  • Safer handling with lifting equipment and service cart. Horizontal installed Flygt pumps can be equipped with a service cart that can be used for more than one pump. The cart lets you quickly and easily separate the drive unit from the pump housing, and the tried and tested lifting device ensures safe pump handling.
  • Simpler performance checks with connection for pressure gauge. Many customers have said they want to read the pressure on the suction side to ensure optimum operation. To make this possible, Flygt has added a connection for a pressure gauge.

Flygt design includes:

  • Hi-chrome impeller & insert ring provide long service life.
  • N-impeller ensures clog free operation even at reduced speeds.
  • Clog free guarantee.
  • Flood Proof – Peace of mind.
  • Horizontal configuration – Better suction & wet well cleaning.
  • Greatly improved operator safety.

Please see the following video produced by a Kennedy Industries, a Flygt representative in Wisconsin, on an installation featuring  Flygt’s horizontal dry-pit submersible service cart .

Please contact JCI to take advantage of conversions and retrofits of existing vertical or horizontal wastewater pumps configurations to Flygt’s horizontal and vertical dry pit submersible pump with a service cart. JCI provides the engineering expertise for the conversion including custom AutoCAD drawings, engineering support, and turnkey services.

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