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MultiRake Bar Screens

MultiRake combines fine or coarse screening with high solids capture rates, robust construction, long life, and low O&M costs all in one screen. This combination ensures operation when you need it most. Unlike traditional bar screens, which have one cleaning rake that typically takes up to two minutes to engage and clean the bar rack, the Multi-Rake Bar Screen includes multiple rakes typically spaced on 5ft centers that clean the bar rack every five seconds at the highest speed setting. This increased cleaning frequency is advantageous, particularly under higher flow conditions. One distinct feature of the ProTechtor™ Multi-Rake Bar Screen is the individual “bolt-in” replaceable bars. If there is damage to the bar rack, each individual bar can be quickly and easily replaced with simple hand tools.


  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Automatic “jam” reversing
  • High hydraulic capacity, low headloss
  • Insensitive to grit and stones
  • “Maintenance free” bottom bearing, or fixed guide
  • Dual speed operation Trapezoidal Bar Design Replaceable bolt-in bars
  • US Manufactured  (ISO 9001:2008)
  • 3-Year Factory Warranty


  • Channel widths from 1 to 15 feet
  • Standard channel depths to 40 feet (deeper channels available)
  • Bar spacing from 4 to 100 mm
  • Standard angles of inclination: 50°, 75°, 80°, 85°, 90° from horizontal







  • St. Joseph, Missouri – Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Screens
  • St. Joseph, Missouri – Faraon St Pump Station
  • St. Joseph, Missouri – Candy Creek Pump Station


Perforated Filter Plate Screen

is known for its reliable operation and robust design. Capture efficiencies of the filter screen are much higher than conventional bar style screens and eliminates operational disruptions caused by fibrous and other inorganic material. All ProTechtor™ products carry a 3 year standard warranty and are US Manufactured at Kusters Water’s ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

Wastewater flows through perforated filter elements while contaminants are captured on the face of the element. Larger objects, such as sticks, rocks, bottles, etc, are picked up from the bottom of the channel by the lifting tines at the bottom of every fifth element. The filter panels form a continuous screen field which transports the screenings to the discharge point where they are cleaned from the panels by a rotating brush and high-pressure spray wash system. The screenings are then discharged into a dumpster, conveyor, or screenings washer compactor.



  • High reliability, low maintenance cost
  • No need for upstream coarse screening
  • Ability to handle high grease discharges without clogging
  • Perforations of 3, 6, and 10 mm are standard (other sizes on request).
    • A wastewater industry consultant had recommended 5.5mm to remove “6mm painball pellets”.


  • Lawrence, KS
  • St. Joseph, MO


Centerflow Band Screen

Screens vertical orientation, is an excellent alternative to applications with limited footprint and headspace.  Influent flow enters the screen in the middle of the screen frame, and is positively screened as the flow transitions from the inside and passes through the traveling perforated plates.  Optimally spaced lifting tines are attached to filter panels to capture and elevate larger items to the internal discharge point.  Screenings are washed off via spray headers and/or a combined motorized brush assembly, and are discharged to an internal flume or screenings washer compactor, which transports the screenings outside of the screen frame.  The quality of the screened effluent is drastically improved which in turn improves performance and better protects downstream equipment.

Double flow, vertical, perforated opening, 2mm – 12mm for flows up to 100 mgd at channel heights up to 65 feet. In to out flow (Sewage Screening) or out to in flow (Sludge Screening) pattern. Curved perforated panels with positive lifters on bottom of panels to carry out solids off channel floor. Dual speed – 10fpm & 20 fpm for effective screen cleaning.


  • Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) Mission Main PS
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas Kusters Centerflow information below

Vortex Grit Removal (XGT)

Kusters Vortex

Grit & Grease Aerated Grit Channel

Kusters Water Grit Grease

Climber Screens

Waste Tech Climber Style Screen


Step Screens


Rotary Drum Screens – Kuster


Rotary Drum Screens

CSO Screens

Kusters WasteTech CSO Screens

Kusters CSO Screen



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