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JCI Industries, Inc. provides the Oil & Gas industry high quality pump and motor repair along with the ability to offer custom solutions utilizing industry leading new pumps, motors and mechanical seals and our extensive design and fabrication abilities. Read more about our fabrication capabilities.

The combination of engineering and experience between JCI and their manufacturers provides the correct application of pumps, motors and mechanical seals to meet the extensive demands and requirements defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API). JCI’s pump manufacturers meet API specifications with Flowserve API 610 centrifugal pumps, Kontro API 685 magnetic driven centrifugal pumps, and Viking API 676 gear pumps.

Pumps: JCI repairs all makes and models of pumps from air-operated double diaphragm to API centrifugal horizontal, vertical and multi-stage units, and specializes in those offered in the Flowserve heritage brands, i.e. Ingersoll Rand, Worthington, Pacific, Durco, Byron Jackson (See more at www.flowserve.com).

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Seals: Flowserve’s API 682 compliant mechanical seal product line offers extensive solutions for the oil & gas industry with standard cartridge seals for API pumps, slurry seals for tough sealing applications, split seals for vertical turbines and horizontals split case pumps, and engineered seals for boiler feed pump applications.

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Fabrication:  JCI also specializes in the design of baseplates that meet the extensive GEMS specification along with any other custom requirements required in the Oil & Gas industry.

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Motors: JCI’s electrical offering is highlighted by Toshiba motors designed to meet API standards and the severe applications of the Oil & Gas industry and includes high quality motor repair capabilities up 1500 hp. In addition to the 2,000+ Toshiba motors we keep in stock, we also have a full line card of electrical and control products to meet your needs. 24/7 Field Service is also available to provide support and turnkey solutions for our customers. Please check out our Service Capabilities Video to getting a better view of what we have to offer.

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