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JCI Industries, Inc. offers a complete solution from potable water services from high service pumping to water treatment and disinfection.

JCI provides water treatment solutions for Ground Water and Surface Water plants to remove/reduce TOC and for manganese and iron removal. We provide on site systems to eliminate chlorine gas for worker and community safety by generating liquid chlorine. We work with customers to recommend appropriate intake pumping strategies then clarification/filtration and disinfection. Chemical feed systems can be supplied as liquid or dry systems depending on your plant size and location. Our SCADA Systems will integrate the operation with remote and local control systems.

JCI offers On Site Generation of liquid chlorine to replace Chlorine Gas Systems. The On Site Generation equipment combines electricity and salt water to create a low concentration liquid bleach which can be stored on site as a non-hazardous chemical because of the low concentration.

We have found the TTHM reductions are difficult to manage at the Water Treatment Plants and especially the distribution systems. JCI has discovered a solution for Mixing and Control to prevent the formation of the TTHMs at the water storage tanks by coupling liquid bleach with ammonia and providing a mixing device to insure the tank is completely mixed with a feedback loop to control the amount of Chloramines formed in the water storage tanks.


Product Assistance

Please describe the products or service needs in the short form below and our technical assistants will work closely with you to ensure you have all necessary parts shipped instantly. You can also call our experts at 800-366-7867.

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