Kubota Membrane USA provides a world-class membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment system based on the Kubota flat sheet membrane.

The Kubota MBR is superior to conventional wastewater treatment systems because it has a smaller footprint and higher quality effluent. The footprint is minimized by increasing the concentration of the sludge, allowing for more treatment in a smaller footprint, and by eliminating the need for a clarifier. Higher quality effluent can be ensured because the membrane is a physical separation between the sludge and the treated water.

The Kubota MBR can be applied to existing plants to increase capacity and effluent quality by placing equipment in existing aeration basins. As one engineer observed “you can buy quite a bit of equipment for the concrete cost of a new tank.”

Kubota’s membrane pore size has been designed to optimize the balance between finish water quality and the quantity of water that can be passed through the membrane over time. The Kubota membrane is specific to the membrane bioreactor application and has been used for many different types of wastewater from domestic sewage to industrial wastes.

Kubota offers a variety of sizes and configurations which can be adapted to treat your flow. Contact us today to get started.

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