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For over 75 years, Pulsafeeder Engineered Products continues to be a leader in diaphragm and dosing pump technologies. With experience in various chemical injection applications, Pulsafeeder pumps and systems are manufactured to serve the unique requirements of our global customer base. We understand that each chemical has its own unique set of challenges that must be taken into consideration. With decades of experience, Pulsafeeder offers pumping technologies that meet and exceed industry requirements for safety, reliability, and precise control. Our pumps are known for their rugged construction, and dependable and repeatable performance in difficult environments. Pulsafeeder’s culture of quality and manufacturing excellence is reflected in our Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Pump include the following series:


  • Pulsa
  • Pulsar
  • Eclipse


Pulsafeeder, the global leader in chemical dosing, introduces the PULSAPRO Series of Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm metering pumps. The new innovations extend the metering pump’s pressure and flow ranges, improve accuracy, and simplify the hydraulic management system – all while reducing the pump’s footprint.

PULSAPRO is a positive displacement, leak-free, hydraulically balanced diaphragm metering pump engineered for precise dosing and long-term dependability. It provides maximum accuracy and repeatability with the dependability of a 5-year drive train warranty.
Pulsafeeder offers a diverse range of fluid handling solutions with unique pump head designs consisting of HYDRAtube®, HYDRAcone®,or flat diaphragm types, each available in a variety of wet-end materials. The pump features exclusive hydraulic diagnostics that provide immediate visual intelligence about pump and system performance. The PULSAPRO is designed to the API-675 standard for use in oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, power generation, andwater & wastewater treatment industries.
New enhancements featured in the PULSAPRO Line include:

  • Performance enhancements – increasing flow rates up to 270 gph (1,022 lph); pressure up to 5,100 psi (350 bar); temperature up to 275°F (135°C); and viscosity up to 1,000 cPs.
  • Enhanced stroke length and speed adjustments – ensuring 100:1 turndown capabilities, with steady state accuracy to +/- .5 percent.
  • Enhanced hydraulic management system – providing visual indication of pump performance; intuitive monitoring of the diaphragm integrity and oil level; and Instantaneous auditing of system over-pressurization.
  • Expanded range of materials – now including higher alloys, PTFE or PVC liquid ends; multiple diaphragm types (flat, or sandwich-style double diaphragms) which can handle a diverse range of chemical solutions.
  • Enhanced leak detection capabilities – PULSAlarm provides pressurized leak detection by monitoring the diaphragm integrity and signaling alarms (or stopping the pump) at the first sign of diaphragm failure.
  • Enhanced capabilities for handling high viscosity fluids and slurries – the HYDRAtube® flow through design eliminates clogging and flow restrictions, while the HYDRAcone® self-priming head and conical elastomer diaphragm are designed to address high-lift conditions, high viscosities and low density slurries.
  • Smaller footprint – new vertical or horizontal mounting arrangements reduce footprint while providing flexibility to fit any configuration.

All PULSAPRO pumps are compliant to API-675, CE and ATEX standards. Each pump’s hydraulically balanced diaphragm operates stress free, providing exceptional life and accuracy. Pulsafeeder’s KOPkit® (Keep-on-Pumping kit) provides all of the spare parts required to further simplify maintenance and minimize downtime.

Submersible Pump Repair


  • Flows up to 270 gph (1,022 lph)
  • Pressures up to 5,100 psi (350 bar)
  • Steady state accuracy of +/-0.5% of set point
  • Repeatability of +/-0.5% of rated capacity
  • Linearity of +/-0.5% of rated capacity
  • Full motion stroke length control mechanism
  • Manual stroke length capacity control with 100:1 turndown
  • Fluid temperatures from -10 to 275°F (-23 to 135°C)
  • Viscosity up to 1,000 cPs
  • Net Positive Inlet Pressure (NPIP) required: 3 psi (0.2 bar)
  • Compliant to API-675, CE and ATEX standards
  • Diaphragm types: flat, double diaphragm with pressure leak detection, HYDRAtube or HYDRAcone
  • Modular configurations: simplex, duplex, triplex and multiplex up to 17 pumps
  • 4-bolt tie bar
  • Connection types: NPT, BSPT, raised-face flange
Submersible Pump Repair


  • Wet End: 316LSS, PVC, GF-PPL, GF-PTFE, Alloy C,
    Monel®, DuplexSS, PVDF, Titanium
  • Flat Diaphragm: PTFE, Metallic
  • HYDRAtube Diaphragm: FKM, CSM, PFA
  • HYDRAcone Diaphragm: FKM, CSM
  • Pump Body: Cast Iron
  • Pump Base: Steel, Stainless Steel


  • PulsaPro 680
  • PulsaPro 880
  • PulsaPro 7120


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