Mission SCADA – Take Advantage of Free 60 Day Evaluation – No Strings Attached

Take Advantage of Free 60 Day Evaluation – No Strings Attached & No Obligations

mission-scadaLet JCI’s factory trained technicians professionally install a Mission unit to any lift station, water tank, line pressure or any other monitoring need. Installation is unobtrusive and lets you take advantage of a full SCADA system that is so simple, that we’ll have you up and running in less than a day. Use it as a stand alone system, or as fill-in or backup for existing SCADA systems. Cities including Olathe, Gardner, Blue Springs, Springfield and many others have taken advantage of Mission SCADA systems.
Take advantage of the free trial and the ability of a  fully implemented systems at a fraction of the costs of traditional SCADA. In many cases, such as a lift station monitoring, enjoy the MISSION SCADA system for less than the price of many auto-dialers.
mission-scada-pebble-beachSee for yourself why thousands of customers enthusiastically recommend MISSION including the following quote from a customer that took advantage of the free demo. The customer had read about the MISSION system in trade magazines, but because of the low price and  prior experiences with cellular,  didn’t think the system would meet expectations. Following is the customer’s comment of their experience with MISSION:
“It’s a little embarrassing. We bought MISSION as a backup to our existing SCADA. In many areas it out performs the primary system. It’s certainly a heck of a lot less expensive and easier to use.” 
Follow the link to Mission’s website for the full case study of “Pebble Beach – Mission for backup of existing SCADA System”. With its reliability and affordability, other cities and utilities can make Mission their primary or only SCADA system.

The MISSION system includes the use of all our web based SCADA software, software upgrades, and hosting and maintaining two customer web sites.  All technical support, and all wireless data and long distance telephone charges and archiving of the customers’ historic device data is also included.  In addition, the MISSION system can send all your data through an OPC interface into your SCADA software.

Contact JCI or email getaquote@jciind.com to discuss a free trial.

For more information on Mission Communications, follow the link to more information on our website: – Click Here.

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