Customer SPOT Light – KCMO Water “Five Year Old Fascinated By Wastewater Treatment Process”

We are excited to share KC Water’s YouTube channel post on a “Five Year Old Fascinated By Wastewater Treatment Process”. It’s great to see this 5 year old, Damon Mertz, taking a plant tour of KCMO’s Fishing River Wastewater plant. We’re excited by Damon’s interest and look forward to this fine future wastewater treatment plant engineering professional! The link below is direct from Kansas City’s KCMOWater site:

For additional information on the advanced biological nutrient removal (BNR) process at KCMO Fishing River WWTP, click here: Aqua Aerobic “Mix-Air”



Principal SPOT Light – Protectolite – FRP – Weirs, Baffles, Launder Covers, Troughs, Stamford Baffles

JCI is furnishing launder covers  as manufactured by Protectolite for a local project. Call us at 816-525-3320 for the following FRP clarifier components needs for weirs, scum baffles, flat covers,  Stamford baffles, and clarifier launder covers:

Protectolite manufactures, designs, and furnishes custom fabricated FRP clarifier parts for the water and wastewater industry. Protectolite™ is an approved and preferred supplier of fiberglass components to a number of the top Consulting Engineering firms in North America. and has furnished FRP products such as Scum Baffles, Stamford Baffles, launder covers, and clarifier covers to waste water treatment plants across the USA for the past 20 years.

Launder Covers

Protectolite listened to their customers and designed the cover to simply maintenance and operations with the ease of opening a design that is curved to be stronger and make it lighter to lift while providing a tighter cover to keep the sunlight from striking the weirs and baffles to prevent the formation of algae. Without sunlight, algae is eliminated along with the constant maintenance of cleaning and issues with downstream structures such as UV or filters.

The covers are custom designed to open to the center of tank, perimeter or side of the tank.  The most popular design with the operators in mind is for the cover to open away from the operator where they has full access to the weir and troughs.


Weirs, Baffles, Troughs and Stop-Logs/Stop Plates

FRP  composites make weirs, baffles and troughs the ideal choice for use in water and wastewater applications.

    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • High strength
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Longevity in all climates
    • Low maintenance


Density Current Baffles / “Stamford” Baffles  

Density Current Baffles improve clarifier flow performance by redirecting  these currents back toward the center of the tank. This prevents these currents from short-circuiting and carrying light solids into the effluent reducing clarifier total suspended solids (TSS) and increasing the hydraulic capacity of the clarifier.

  • Custom designed baffle sections fit any tank configuration
  • Lightweight and modular for easy installation and maintenance
  • Separate FRP support brackets for ease of installation
  • Custom fabricated to meet your needs

PRO’DECK FRP Flat Covers

Lightweight FRP covers to eliminate odor emission concerns with our customized  Pro’Deck flat tank covers.

  • Unique modular design fits  into any tank configuration.
  • All types, shapes and sizes of clarifier tanks
  • Algae and odor control
  • Prevents freeze up
  • Keeps leaves, debris and other tank contamination
  • Molded-in, anti-skid surface that will not flake off
  • Lightweight and modular for easy installation and maintenance n Custom fabricated to meet your needs


Local Installations / References

Fort Leonard Wood – MO  WWTP

  • Clarifiers, Qty 2 – 95’ diameter Launder Covers, Weirs/Baffles and Density Current Baffles
  • May 2012

Mulvane – KS  WWTP

  • Clarifier; Qty 3, 80’ diameter Launder Covers and Density Current Baffles
  • September 2012

JCW Tomahawk Creek WWTF

  • Final Clarifier, Qty 4 – 125′ diamete Launder Covers
    • See below for Finite Element Analysis of Launder Trough example:

  • Under construction

Call us today at 816-525-3320 for your FRP clarifier component needs for weirs, scum baffles, flat covers,  Stamford baffles, and clarifier launder covers.


JCI Acquires Colin Electric Motor Service Co.

Lee’s Summit, MO – April 30, 2018 – JCI Industries, Inc. headquartered in Lee’s Summit (Kansas City), Missouri has announced that it has acquired Colin Electric Motor Service Co. of Lincoln, Nebraska, a market leader in supplying motors, parts, accessories, and remanufacturing services for Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial customers throughout Nebraska and the surrounding states. The new “JCI-Colin” team will continue to provide superior service from its present location to all their customers.

“Sandra, myself and the rest of the Colin family wish to express our appreciation for our customers many years of support and loyalty. We are excited for our team to become a part of the JCI family and look forward to expanding the capabilities of our operation to provide superior customer service and availability of the best motors, parts, controls and accessories to our customers just as we have for more than 100 years” noted Bob Colin, brother of the late Ronald Colin, President of Colin Electric Motor Service Co. “JCI Industries has been committed to the Nebraska market for more than a decade and with the addition of Colin Electric, we will be able to provide our combined customers with the industries’ best products and premier rotating equipment repair services” added Chip Toth, President and CEO of JCI Industries, Inc.

JCI Industries, Inc. is the leading provider of pumps, motors, controls, field service and remanufacturing to commercial, industrial and environmental customers throughout the Midwest United States. JCI operates out of facilities in Lincoln NE, Des Moines IA, Jefferson City MO, Joplin MO, Rogers AR, Wichita KS, Dodge City KS and its corporate offices in Lee’s Summit (Kanas City) MO. To learn more about JCI Industries visit

Media Contact:
Dan Geller– JCI Industries, Inc.

Congratulations to Jim Bradshaw of Coffeyville, Kansas!

Jim Bradshaw, Deputy Director of Public Works/Plumbing Inspector for Coffeyville, KS, stopped by our booth at the KRWA Conference and dropped his business card in our fish bowl. We had many entries but only one person could win.  Jim’s name was drawn to win the Shakespeare Ugly Stik fishing rod & reel combo and Ozark Trail soft-side tackle box.

Congratulations Jim!  We hope you have many fun days by the water!

JCI conducts FREE one-day seminar, Understanding Mechanical Seals

JCI Industries, Inc. invites you to attend our FREE one-day seminar designed to provide a comfort-level understanding of the design, function, installation, operation and maintenance of Mechanical Seals utilized in pump and rotating equipment applications. We also conduct customer specific mechanical seal seminars. Please contact Gary Davidson, Mechanical Seal Specialist, to schedule a seminar.

Registration is closed.  




Case Study: Clarifier Scum Mixing

“All Clarifiers Should Not Be Without!”

Scum removal is an important feature for both primary and secondary clarifiers; however, specifications rarely specify agitation to help mix and efficiently transport this scum. Primary clarifier scum consists primarily of fats, oils, grease and other “modern trash” debris. Secondary clarifier scum is the biological foam or the biomass that has floated to the top due to denitrification. In a clarifier, scum removal mechanisms use skimmers that push the scum into a scum pit adjacent to the clarifier. As the pit fills with scum, primary and/or scum pumps pump the contents to the digesters.



The wastewater utility had to monthly manually vactor out the scum that accumulates from fats, oils and grease trapped in the primary scum trough which was costly, odorous and messy. The existing scum pumps would only pump out the clear liquid beneath leaving a floating scum mat that built up and needed to be vactored out.

BEFORE: Primary Scum Sludge Closeup
BEFORE: Primary Scum Sludge














Background of Clarifier Scum :

  • Scum removal is an important feature for clarifiers
  • Primary clarifier scum
    • Fats, oils, grease and other “modern trash” debris.
  • Secondary clarifier scum
    • Biological foam or the biomass that has floated to the top due to denitrification.
  • Skimmers push the scum into a pit adjacent to the clarifier.
  • As the pit fills with scum, contents pumped to digesters.
  • Specs rarely specify agitation to help mix and efficiently transport this scum.



In the scum pit, installed a Flygt compact 2.5HP submersible mixers on a timer and set to turn on prior to operation of scum pump. The fats, oils, grease (FOG) and floatables are entrained and pumped away and no more need to manually vactoring out four scum pits monthly.

AFTER: Flygt Submersible Mixer mixes Primary Scum


  • All the troublesome fats, oils, grease (FOG) and floatables were entrained and pumped away.
  • No more need to manually vactor out four scum pits monthly.
  • Saved $3,000 per month
  • Eliminated
    • Odors,
    • Nuisance
    • Messy conditions
  • Happy Operations Staff & Neighbors


A Flygt pump with N-hydraulics was installed to retrofit screw induced pumps. The Flygt’s self cleaning impeller to handle the challenging scum/debris without clogging.

Flygt’s Self-Cleaning Pump ideal for handling Primary Scum without clogging


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