JCI Industries, Inc. hosted NOV/Moyno Progressing Cavity Pump Training Class


On November 30 and December 1, 2016 JCI Industries, Inc. hosted a training class on NOV/MOYNO Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) systems. This course was open to JCI Environmental clients across Kansas and Western Missouri. The training was conducted by a Progressing Cavity Pump expert from NOV/Moyno.

Topics discussed included:
• A basic understanding of Progressing Cavity Pumps and Pumping Systems
• How to determine where PCPs can provide best value in applications
• The necessary steps to design, optimize, and operate a PCP system
• Pump sizing methodology to provide a successful PCP system

Identifying and understanding the components of a Progressing Cavity Pump was accomplished through disassembling and reassembling a pump with the training instructor.

For more information on the Moyno EZstrip pump click here.

FLYGT Mixer Webinar


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Minimizing mixing energy in activated sludge selector basins.
How Low Can You Go?
Milwaukee MSD South Shore WWTP – Mixing Pilot Study

With the goal to minimize energy consumption in the BNR process, a mixing energy pilot study is under way at MMSD in Milwaukee, WI. Results show that power consumption of only 0.28 W/m3 is sufficient to fully homogenize activated sludge. This record-setting low energy mixing is achieved using a high-efficiency adjustable-thrust submersible mixer with optimum position in a BNR selector zone. The zone dimensions are 48 ft long x 30 ft wide x 15 ft deep. TSS profiles, phosphorous removal and power measurements were studied as mixing energy in the selector basin was gradually reduced over time.

The study concludes that the best of 3 mixing systems achieved both successful mixing and nutrient removal at 0.28 W/ m3. One key to success is a submersible mixer with adjustable-thrust, low-speed, large diameter propeller whose thrust can be fine-tuned to the basin shape. The other key is positioning the mixer to produce an efficient bulk flow loop that takes advantage of the basin shape .

This session will be presented by Jim Fischer , Senior Applications Engineer, Mixing at Xylem.

Jim Fischer
Senior Applications Engineer, Mixing

Jim is a senior applications engineer and mixing expert at Flygt. He’s a graduate of Marquette University and helped create Flygt’s “Handbook of Mixing for Wastewater and Similar Applications. He’s a licensed professional engineer in Wisconsin and holds a patent for a vortex suppressor to protect mixers from the harmful effects of air intake.


JCI Industries, Inc. has joined forces with AMO Electric Motor Service Company.


 JCI Industries, Inc. has Joined Forces with AMO Electric Motor Service Company

 June 30, 2016

JCI Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of AMO Electric Motor Service Company.  The merger provides JCI with a physical presence in the Arkansas market, expanding JCI’s current geographic market and complementing existing Midwestern locations throughout Kansas, Western Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. Beginning June 30, 2016, AMO Electric Motor Service Company will operate under the JCI Industries, Inc. name.


The merger will provide AMO and their customers expanded service capabilities and new product offering including pumps, motors and drives.  AMO will benefit from access to the recently expanded 45,000 square foot shop facility at JCI’s Lees Summit, MO headquarters, along with additional expertise and resources that will be available as needed.  “Our Arkansas customers will now have access to pump repair services and JCI’s expertise in this area, allowing us to offer a greater variety of services than in the past”, says J.D. McGlone, owner of AMO Electric Motor Service.


“AMO Electric Motor Service is a great fit with JCI Industries, Inc.,” says Chip Toth of JCI. “We are excited about expanding into the Arkansas market and look forward to the benefits these companies together can bring to the market.”


About AMO Electric Service:

AMO Electric Motor Service is a premier electric motor service located in Northwest Arkansas. Serving the area for over 30 years, AMO offers quality products and services for reasonable prices. AMO offers a wide variety of products and guarantees satisfaction both in quality and pricing.  Standard services include rewinding, part replacement and 24-hour emergency service.

Contact Information
J.D. McGlone, Owner, AMO Electric Motor Service

Phone: 479.636.1261


About JCI Industries, Inc.:

JCI Industries, Inc. is the leading regional provider of electrical and mechanical solutions for industrial and municipal water and wastewater markets. Founded in 1975, JCI provides mechanical and electrical equipment and parts, pump and electric motor repair, equipment packaging, fabrication and factory authorized repair services throughout the Midwest region. In addition to its Kansas City area headquarters, JCI’s branch locations include: Joplin and Jefferson City, MO, Wichita and Dodge City KS, Lincoln, NE, and Des Moines, IA. JCI’s Lee’s Summit headquarters near Kansas City includes an 82,000 square foot complex consisting of offices and conference space, a recently expanded shop and a distribution center. JCI’s markets include: water, wastewater, power, oil & gas, pipeline, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, chemical, food processing and other general industry. For more information, please visit www.jciind.com.


Contact Information
Chip Toth, President, JCI Industries, Inc.

Phone: 816.525.3320


JCI active role on NOV-Moyno Distributor Advisory Board Meeting at Greengate Manchester-UK Factory

JCI’s membership on Moyno’s Distributor Advisory Board met at the Greengate 340,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Manchester, UK .  The construction of a complete progressing pump cavity manufacturing facility including comprehensive automated and custom lines of machine shop and ALS rubber shop was completed in 2015.  This facility was the original manufacturing plant for the Lancaster bombers in World War II.

Before and after photos of the manufacturing facility.

NOV Moyno UK Manchester Manufacturing Facility progressing cavity pump BeforeNOV Moyno UK Manchester Manufacturing Facility progressing cavity pump After

NOV Moyno UK Manchester Manufacturing Facility progressing cavity pump CNCNOV Moyno UK Manchester Manufacturing Facility progressing cavity pump GrinderNOV Moyno UK Manchester Manufacturing Facility progressing cavity pump PC Pumps

For more information of Moyno’s products including the EZ-Strip PC pump, follow this link.





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