Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide Seal Face Material Solution for Challenging Applications, offered by Flowserve

Flowserve offers Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide Faces material solution for challenging applications. Ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) coatings provide materials properties and performance advancement over all other seal face materials. In the past, external clean, cool fluid was used to lubricate seal faces or dual seals operating on clean barrier fluid. Now, the solution  is to use Diamond Coated Silicon Carbide Faced Seal (UNCD) and let the process fluid itself lubricate the seal even with challenging applications.

  • Benefits include:
    • Lowest friction seal face for cool running
    • Maximum abrasion resistance
    • Highest chemical resistance
    • High wear resistance
    • Use the “challenging” process fluid to lubricate the seal without damage


Sold out JCI Seal School was held at JCI’s Lees Summit, MO headquarters November 19, 2014.

November 19, 2014
7:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Mission Statement: To bring mechanics and engineers to a comfort level understanding end face mechanical seals, their function, and how to operate, install, and care for them.

Class Outline

Mechanical Seal Basics:

  • Basic principles
  • Description of seal components
  • Balanced vs. unbalanced
  • Pusher vs. metal bellows
  • Double vs. tandem
  • Cartridge vs. component
  • Common materials
  • Types of seals
  • Introduction to selection

Practical Seal Knowledge for Mechanics:

  • Equipment checks
  • Component pump seal installation
  • Cartridge pump seal installation
  • Mixer seal installation
  • Proper seal installation
  • Failure analysis
  • Hand-on with seals
  • JCI shop tour

Technology Update & Strategies for Increasing MTBF:

  • 10 steps for increasing MTBF
  • Advantages of taper bore seal housings
  • Advantage of upgrading bearing frame seals
  • Advantages of synthetic lubricants for bearing frame and double seal buffer fluids
  • Overview of the latest in mechanical seal technology

Registration is open.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend in 816-525-3320 or fax 816-525-5881, ATTN: DOnna Schroer.  You must register in order to attend.

JCI is presenting a technical paper at WEFTEC 2014. WEFTEC is being held in New Orleans, LA, September 27 – October 1, 2014.

JCI Industries, Inc. presented a technical paper during the WEFTEC trade show in New Orleans. His paper discussed the limiting factors of MBR Design and uncouple the limitation by improving the air delivery method and improving the economics of the design.  http://www.weftec.org/

Other topic(s) of interest include:


JCI Earns PEV Motor Repair Accreditation

Proven Efficiency Verification | Advanced EnergyIn 2015, JCI Industries, Inc. earned the Proven Efficiency Verification accreditation for motor repair from Advanced Energy. This is a third-party assurance program designed and administered by Advanced Energy to guarantee consistency in motor repairs and achieving energy savings.

The program included a thorough evaluation of the JCI motor service center, and our ability to maintain efficiency during the repair process.

Motor Repair Service Centers qualified through our Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) program offers customers:

  • Standardized motor repair processes
  • Pre- and post-repair data
  • Demonstrated quality with third-party verification including pre- and post-repair efficiency reports from our internationally-accredited lab

PEV-accredited repair centers stand out among their competitors, with proven success to help their customers:

  • Improve reliability
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce energy consumption

Read the full details:

Advanced Energy JCI Proven Efficiency Verification for Motor Repair

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