Oda-Killer LT – Pump Station Odor Control System

Oda-Killer  Pump Station & Headworks Odor Control System is proven to destroy odors. A low horsepower induced draft fan is connected to the wetwell with ventilation pipe to draw odorous air out of the wet well or structure.  The Oda-Killa system is packaged in a low profile non-metallic enclosure and supplies ozone and oxygen that is used to oxidize the odors in the ventilation piping.  No ozone enters the wet well and the reaction time is within the ventilation pipe. An additional contact chamber is provided to further dilute and disperse the oxidized air stream to levels below EPA limits. The induced draft fan provides a 2 to 1 dilution of the air stream and pushes the system exhaust out at a high velocity. The high velocity air creates an effective exhaust stack height of 30ft. Contact JCI for free use of OdaLog and on-site odor analysis.

Oda-Killa benefits:
• Reduced wet well corrosion
• Very low power requirements (equivalent to a 60W bulb)
• No reoccurring chemical cost or storage
• Very quiet operation
• Easy install and low maintenance

Standard Features and Specs
• One year warranty
• Control panel built to UL 508A standards
• Incoming power surge arrestor
• Electrical requirements – 15A max at 120VAC
• Weatherproof low profile enclosure
• Manual control of O3 generation
• On-Site odor analysis
• On-Site system start-up and training
• All components are permanently labeled with scratch resistant labeling
• Each control panel is thoroughly tested prior to shipment

Optional Features
• Configuration for 208—480VAC applications
• Remote monitoring via SCADA
• Intrinsically safe process sensor circuit
• Auxiliary status and alarm contacts
• LCD Color touch screen for monitoring system status, Historical trending, Historical alarm log, and selection of Auto/Manual control
• Automatic closed loop control
• Extended warranty and lease programs available
• Stainless Steel or Aluminum enclosures
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