Principal SPOT Light – AWC Water Solutions for Packaged Water Treatment Plants (Pressure, Gravity, DAF) for Arsenic, PFAS, Nitrate, Uranium Treatment

JCI represents packaged water treatment plants as manufactured by AWC Water Solutions.

AWC Water Solutions  (formerly Corix) manufacturers complete packaged and modular water treatment systems designed to meet a variety of flow and water quality parameters, producing from 10 to 5,000 gpm of clean water for both potable and industrial. Systems conventional, membrane-based systems, or combined hybrid systems for optimal life cycle costs. Our water treatment offering includes:Direct filtration (DF), Adsorption clarification (AC), Tube settler (ST), Dissolved air flotation (DAF), Membrane filtration – ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF)
reverse osmosis (RO) and Pressure filters (PF) with the following advantages:

  • Corrosion-Resistant: Our plants are fabricated with marine-grade aluminum alloys and stainless steel to provide superior resistance to chemicals and corrosion, resulting in longer life
  • Cost-Effective: Plants are pre-assembled and pre-tested in our controlled facility, often saving 50 percent or more over in-situ construction. They can also be integrated into pre engineered building systems for increased savings and reduced schedule.
  • Redundancy and control system capabilities: provides set-point optimization needed to ensure quality goals are continuously met while minimizing operating costs with remote sensing, data logging and remote communication capabilities to enable operators to review and attend the unit as needed either from a distance or on site

Treatment Technology Based on Contaminant

Contaminant MAC Health Effects Treatment Technology
Arsenic 0.010 mg/L Skin, nervous system toxicity Arsenic Filter, Reverse Osmosis
Barium 2 mg/L Circulatory system effects Reverse Osmosis
Chromium-6 0.1 mg/L Liver, kidney, circulatory disorders Reverse Osmosis
Fluoride 4 mg/L Skeletal and dental fluorosis Bone char, Reverse Osmosis
Hydrogen Sulfide n/a Rotten egg taste and odour Oxidation, Iron Reduction Filter, KDF
Iron 0.3 mg/L Staining of laundry, plumbing, appliances Iron Reduction Filter
Lead 0.015 mg/L Kidney damage, nervous system disorders Reverse Osmosis, Specialized Activated Carbon, Metsorb
Manganese 0.05 mg/L Staining of laundry, plumbing, appliances Iron/Manganese Reduction Filter
Mercury 0.002 mg/L Kidney, nervous system disorders Reverse Osmosis, Activated Carbon
Nitrate / Nitrite 10 mg/L Methemoglobulinemia (blue baby syndrome) Reverse Osmosis
Radium 5 pCi/L Bone cancer Reverse Osmosis
Sulfate 500 mg/L Laxative effect – gastrointestinal irritation (loose stools, diarrhea, etc.) Reverse Osmosis
PFOA n/a (0.4 µg/L ) Kidney damage, liver damage, thyroid disease, developmental disorders, reproductive issues Reverse Osmosis, Pressure Filter Tank-Based Activated Carbon System
Trihalomethanes 0.08 mg/L Cancer Activated Carbon, KDF
Uranium 0.02 mg/L (0.03 EPA) Kidney disorders, cancer Reverse Osmosis
VOCs Varied Varied, incl. cancer Activated Carbon

Direct filtration (DF)

Adsorption clarification (AC)

These plants are ideally suited for stable ground or surface waters where turbidity levels seldom exceed 30 NTU that are designed using a combination of hydraulic “tortuous path” flocculation/clarification filtration and rapid rate filtration to produce potable water with superior quality.

Each train treats capacities up to 2,800 gpm (2 MGD)  where multiple trains can be combined for higher flows to  reliably achieve less than 0.1 NTU turbidity and 2.5-log, multi-barrier protection against Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Options for increased iron, manganese and arsenic removal.

  • Flash mixing: A coagulant added to the raw water precipitates dissolved contaminants and encourages suspended particles to form “flocs” with multi-chemical injection ports for coagulant, polymer, pH adjustment to provide process flexibility
  • Flocculation: As the water passes upward through the upflow clarifier filter, the flocs grow and are partially removed by the coarse media. Acts as both flocculator and clarification zone to reduce filter loading
  • Filtration: high-rate media filter removes remaining particles. Solids that accumulate within both the upflow and downflow filters are periodically removed by automatically controlled air/water backwashing.
    • Mono, dual and multi-media options
    • Air scour/water backwash option for reduced water consumption and improved cleaning
    • Optional water backwash with surface wash
    • Nozzle and plenum-type underdrain

Tube settler (ST)

Packaged Tube Settler (ST) process use proven technologies to produce clear, safe drinking water from low quality sources. Capable of purifying the most difficult types of raw water, our ST plants are particularly suited for surface waters with high and variable contaminant excelling in treating cold water and very high levels of turbidity, iron and manganese.

Each train  treats capacities up to 800 gpm (multiple trains can be combined for higher flows) and reliably achieve less than 0.1 NTU turbidity and 2.5-log, multi-barrier protection against Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Clarification portion’s accumulated solids are removed hydraulically from the clarifier bottom and the clarified water passes on to the filter for final polishing utilizing:

  • Inlet/outlet manifolds for even flow distribution,
  • 60° rigid plastic settling tube modules,
  • “V” hopper bottom for sludge thickening and hydraulic sludge removal,
  • Sludge blanket sample and location ports,
  • Flat bottom, mechanical sludge removal option available


Dissolved air flotation (DAF)

Packaged DAF water treatment plant treating lake and reservoir water containing high levels of color, algae and turbidity, as well as cold waters and high levels of iron and manganese.

Each train treats up to 1,400 gpm (multiple trains can be combined for higher flows) and reliably achieve less than 0.1 NTU turbidity and 2.5-log, multi-barrier protection against Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

DAF: Microscopic air bubbles are injected in the flotation zone. The 50 micron bubbles used for flotation are formed by recycling a small stream of clarified water through an air pressurized, packed tower saturator to specially designed nozzles at the DAF cell inlet. Here, a rapid pressure drop causes the air to come out of the solution and form millions of small bubbles, which are then dispersed through the flocculated raw water. Then, the bubbles rapidly float the flocs to the surface and the accumulated float is skimmed off.

  • Inlet/outlet manifolds for even flow distribution
  • Mechanical float or hydraulic removal options are available
  • “V” hopper bottom for sludge thickening and hydraulic sludge removal option available

Direct Filtration

Packaged water treatment plants based on direct filtration (DF) technology using a combination of hydraulic or mechanical flocculation and rapid rate filtration to provide superior quality to potable water. They are ideal for stable ground or surface waters where turbidity levels seldom exceed 10 NTU.

Each train treats to 1,500 gpm (multiple trains can be combined for higher flows) and reliably achieve less than 0.1 NTU turbidity and 2-log protection against Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Membrane filtration – ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) applications.

  • Membrane Properties: AsymmetricHydrophilic Polyethersulfone, Nominal Pore size: 0.025 μm, Chlorine & Other Oxidant Tolerant, 2.0 ≤ ph ≤ 12.5
  • Virus removal ≥ 4 log
  • Bacteria, Crypto & Giardia removal > 4 log
  • Filtrate turbidity ≤ 0.07 NTU
  • Benefits
    • Easy to clean – Fully automated
    • Low pressure means lower energy costs
    • After Chemical Enhanced Backwash (CEB) membrane is returned to its original condition
    • NF / RO
    • Excellent for Color & Organics Removal
    • TDS reduction and water softening

Pressure filters (PF)

  • Model AG Dual media

    • Turbidity and suspended matter removal
  • Model AC Activated carbon

    • Taste and odor removal, de-chlorination and organic removal.
  • Model MG Manganese Greensand

    • Iron, hydrogen sulphide and manganese removal.

Pressure filters large particulate matter is captured by coarser, lighter media near the top of the filter bed. Smaller particles continue down to the successive lower media levels, where the spaces between these finer media capture the particles down to 10 microns. This multi-media filter allows a pressure drop build up across each media section, thereby utilizing the full bed depth for filtration of all particle sizes.

The AWC filter operation is fully automatic and requires no separate source of backwash water. The filter will backwash when a preset (usually 10 – 12 psi) differential pressure drop is sensed across the filter inlet to outlet. Backwash may also be initiated by setting the built-in time clock. On a duplex or triplex system, an interlock allows continued filter operation beyond the backwash initiation signal, if another filter is in backwash. When a backwashing filter comes into service, the dirty filter will automatically backwash. Incidentally, the same interlock feature is supplied on softeners for regeneration sequencing. Upon backwash, raw, unfiltered water is directed upward through the filter at approximately 15 USGPM/Ft2 for 10 minutes, expanding the media. This also scours and separates the dirt particles which exist in the backwash water to drain. The backwash is automatically maintained at a fixed factory set flow rate, regardless of influent water pressures which may range from 20 to 100 PSIG. The filter media is contained in the tank by having a properly engineered freeboard height.

  • Pressure tank(s) shall be welded steel construction with support legs, conforming to ASME Code.
    • Designed for 100 psi working pressure and tested to 150 psi.There shall be adequate side height to allow 50 percent bed expansion during backwash. It shall have provision for media loading through an 18″ x 24″ manhole in the top head.
    • The upper influent supply shall have a baffle plate or be directed to evenly distribute the flow over the media bed.
    • The lower collector shall be a reinforced steel distributor plate welded around complete circumference with horizontally discharging Stainless Steel nozzles spaced on 6″ centers.
  • Automatic Control System Includes: Control Panel, Five Butterfly/Ball Valves with Electric/Pneumatic control for service, backwash and rapid rinse. The backwash valve is equipped with an adjustable flow limiting control.

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