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JCI is furnishing launder covers  as manufactured by Protectolite for a local project. Call us at 816-525-3320 for the following FRP clarifier components needs for weirs, scum baffles, flat covers,  Stamford baffles, and clarifier launder covers:

Protectolite manufactures, designs, and furnishes custom fabricated FRP clarifier parts for the water and wastewater industry. Protectolite™ is an approved and preferred supplier of fiberglass components to a number of the top Consulting Engineering firms in North America. and has furnished FRP products such as Scum Baffles, Stamford Baffles, launder covers, and clarifier covers to waste water treatment plants across the USA for the past 20 years.

Launder Covers

Protectolite listened to their customers and designed the cover to simply maintenance and operations with the ease of opening a design that is curved to be stronger and make it lighter to lift while providing a tighter cover to keep the sunlight from striking the weirs and baffles to prevent the formation of algae. Without sunlight, algae is eliminated along with the constant maintenance of cleaning and issues with downstream structures such as UV or filters.

The covers are custom designed to open to the center of tank, perimeter or side of the tank.  The most popular design with the operators in mind is for the cover to open away from the operator where they has full access to the weir and troughs.


Weirs, Baffles, Troughs and Stop-Logs/Stop Plates

FRP  composites make weirs, baffles and troughs the ideal choice for use in water and wastewater applications.

    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • High strength
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Longevity in all climates
    • Low maintenance


Density Current Baffles / “Stamford” Baffles  

Density Current Baffles improve clarifier flow performance by redirecting  these currents back toward the center of the tank. This prevents these currents from short-circuiting and carrying light solids into the effluent reducing clarifier total suspended solids (TSS) and increasing the hydraulic capacity of the clarifier.

  • Custom designed baffle sections fit any tank configuration
  • Lightweight and modular for easy installation and maintenance
  • Separate FRP support brackets for ease of installation
  • Custom fabricated to meet your needs

PRO’DECK FRP Flat Covers

Lightweight FRP covers to eliminate odor emission concerns with our customized  Pro’Deck flat tank covers.

  • Unique modular design fits  into any tank configuration.
  • All types, shapes and sizes of clarifier tanks
  • Algae and odor control
  • Prevents freeze up
  • Keeps leaves, debris and other tank contamination
  • Molded-in, anti-skid surface that will not flake off
  • Lightweight and modular for easy installation and maintenance n Custom fabricated to meet your needs


Local Installations / References

Fort Leonard Wood – MO  WWTP

  • Clarifiers, Qty 2 – 95’ diameter Launder Covers, Weirs/Baffles and Density Current Baffles
  • May 2012

Mulvane – KS  WWTP

  • Clarifier; Qty 3, 80’ diameter Launder Covers and Density Current Baffles
  • September 2012

JCW Tomahawk Creek WWTF

  • Final Clarifier, Qty 4 – 125′ diamete Launder Covers
    • See below for Finite Element Analysis of Launder Trough example:

  • Under construction

Call us today at 816-525-3320 for your FRP clarifier component needs for weirs, scum baffles, flat covers,  Stamford baffles, and clarifier launder covers.


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