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Turbo Blowers

Inovair Turbo Blower
Inovair Turbo

Single Stage Blowers

Turblex Single Stage Blower

Siemens Turblex Single Stage Blower

Multistage Blowers

Hibon Multi-Stage Blower

Universal Blower Pac

UBP – Positive Displacement Blowers – 3C-PAC Compact Package

Universal Blower Pac Compact PD Blower

UBP 3C-PAC offers features similar to other compact designs (like the competitor Kaeser® series) with side by side installation, complete enclosure integration for easy installation, and all maintenance from front and back. However, UBP also offers the widest range of blowers and options in this standard product with NEMA rated motors (versus IEC European designs). Many blower options result in the perfect fit for your airflow and pressure range as well as your design preference (two or tri lobe) and performance needs.

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