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Flash Mix / Flocculation

Flash Mixer – Vertical

Hayward Gordon - Mixers for flash/rapid mixing  is an important component of coagulation-flocculation processes, where it is here that destabilization reactions occur and where primary floc particles are formed.

Flash Mixer – Vertical Paddle Wheel

JMS - Mega-FLOC - Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator with all moving parts above water line. Allows for low tip speed and homogeneous mixing.

Flocculators – Paddle Wheel, Horiz/Vert & Walking Beam

JMS - Mega-FLOCS  - Flocculation where primary particles are induced to approach close enough together, make contact and progressively form larger agglomerates, or flocs. The extent of flocculation depends on both the applied velocity gradients and time of flocculaton.  These two parameters influence the rate and extent of particle aggregation and the rate and extent of breakup of these aggregates. One of the most efficient type of flocculation is with "paddle wheels". Upgrades in materials of construction including  Stainless Steel bearing housings and components has led to reduced maintenance and longevity.