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Sludge Handling

Sludge Removal System – Hoseless w dual head and dual cable drum

JMS- Jim Myers & Sons - Mega-VAC Sludge Removal System is a hoseless sludge removal system using the hydraulic head differential between the water surface and the sludge discharge elevation (or pump when needed). Head pressure in the basin forces sludge into the dual headersces, and on to the discharge point for collection. This low headloss design uses Flow Balancing Diagonals for even intake across the header pipe result in efficient wall to wall sludge removal. It is not subjected to clogging like systems with headloss control to equalize sludge removal. Dual head design, removes sludge from the entire basin floor despite traveling only 55% its length. Less movement means reduced wear, increased longevity, and higher removal rates.

Sludge Removal System – rectangular scraper

JMS, Jim Myers & Sons, Mega-SCRAPER hydro-dynamically designed blades and reciprocating motion produce a thickening effect of the sludge blanket while creating a zone of influence that moves solids toward the sludge collection pit. On the forward stroke this blade design transports sludge forward, and slides under the blanket without disturbance of the sedimentation process on the reverse stroke. The speed of the reverse stroke is 2-3 times the forward stroke speed. Based on sound principles, but flexible by design, it is applicable in both water and wastewater sedimentation systems.

Sludge Removal System – SedVac Sediment Dredge System

Polychem - SedVac Sediment Dredge System is a sludge removal system that  cleans the basin floor by removing the compression zone layer of sludge. Unlike clog-prone vacuum pipes, the SedVac system uses triangular header wings with 4-inch-high intakes to significantly reduce clogging. Cable drive that can be easily installed in existing basins, SedVac provides an ideal solution for plants that need to increase capacity without building new tanks or making large-scale alterations. Not only can SedVac handle heavy solids loadings, but it can also handle varying levels of influent quality, making it a perfect system for facilities with typically challenging fluctuations in intake levels.

Sludge Removal System – 3 Shaft Collector non-metallic chain

Polychem -Shaft collector uses non-metallic collector systems that has earned a reputation as the industry standard for performance and reliability. The 3-shaft clarifier system removes bottom sludge only. It is commonly used in drinking water treatment plants and is often combined with inclined plate or tube settler applications.

Sludge Removal System – Chain & Flight collector

Polychem - Chain & Flight Collector system removes bottom sludge and transfers it to a sludge hopper at the influent end of the clarifier while also skimming out floating surface scum and discharging it via a scum pipe.