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Industrial Applications

JCI sells and repairs pumps for most industrial applications. We are official distributers and repair centers for major brands like Flowserve, Gorman-Rupp and Wilden. See the complete list below. For more information on our service capabilities, check out our Pump Service and Repair overview.


Flowserve centrifugal, positive displacement and specialty pumps include the following pumps for industrial and engineered applications: Overhung pumps: ANSI/ASME, API, mag drive, close coupled and slurry and solids handling. Between bearings pumps: single case axially and radially split, double case and multi-stage boiler feed. Vertical pumps: wet pit, double case, deep well submersible, slurry and solids handling and sump. Positive displacement pumps: including gear, screw, multiphase and reciprocating. Heritage brands include Ingersoll Dresser, Worthington, Durco, Byron Jackson, Pacific. http://flowserve.com/Products/Heritage-Brands


Viking pump is the global leader in positive displacement pumping solutions, which includes: internal gear, external gear, rotary vane, industrial lobe, gear reducers and strainers.

Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals are specialists in delivering and supporting slurry equipment solutions including pumps, hydrocyclones, valves, screen machines and screen media, rubber and wear resistant linings for global mining and mineral processing, the power sector and general industry. Heritage Brands include Warman, Hazelton, Ash and Galigher


NOV-Moyno provides industry leading progressive cavity pumps, including general utility, large solids transfer, sanitary, metering, mag drive, Ezstrip transfer, cake and muncher, and packaged systems for mine dewatering. Moyno’s EZStrip™ Transfer Pump reduces maintenance time by more than 90%.

Innomag – Sealless Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pumps

Innomag Sealless Magnetic Driven Centrifugal, Zero Immision Pump. Innomag has manufactured Sealless, Non-metallic, Magnetically Driven Pumps since 1998. The Thrust Balanced (TB)product line, the TB-mag series, revolutionized the non-metallic, mag-drive pumping industry as the first fully thrust-balanced pump with the ability to handle solids. This was truly a first for this class of pumps, no longer do you need perfectly clean liquids! The thrust balance technology behind the TB-mag series completely eliminates axial thrust bearings and provides the basis for a controlled internal environment. Superior engineering design minimizes the issue of secondary containment by providing secondary bearings. No other product on the market to day offers these features at such a cost-effective and cost-competitive price.

Gorman-Rupp Pumps

Gorman-Rupp's extensive line of pump products include self-priming centrifugal pumps, standard centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, trash pumps, priming assisted pumps, and complete lift and booster station packages.

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Wilden Pumps

Since 1955 Wilden has been the market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. Wilden is deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction, research & development and market knowledge.

Borger – Rotary Lobe Pumps & Grinders

Borger Rotary Lobe Pumps and Grinders pump and grind sludge to and from thickeners, belt presses, centrifuges, rotary presses,  digesters , air entrained fluids, DAF, and industrial slurries. They handle thick solids greater than 2% up to 2000 gpm and pressures up t0 150 PSI. Rotary lobe pumps can run dry and are capable of self-priming. The rotation of the pair of lobes increases suction chamber pressure and creates a vacuum on the priming side of the pump drawing liquid into the pump chamber.

Lightnin Mixers – Agitators, Aerators; NETTCO Mixers; Plenty Mixers and Pumps.

Lightnin- Mixers A World Leader in Industrial Mixing since 1923, Lightnin has 90 years of unrivaled experience in industrial mixing technology, process knowledge, and technological innovation. Lightnin enjoys a global reputation for durable, long-lasting mixers, agitators, aerators, and flocculators for fluid process systems. We offer a full spectrum of impeller designs for diverse applications. In addition, we offer a worldwide service network, mixer repair, gearbox repair, and replacement parts programs. Look to JCI and Lightnin for knowledge, technology, and service excellence.



Precision Diaphragm Metering Pumps

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Sealless Pumps

Wright Flow Technologies

Food Grade Lobe and Circumferential Piston Pumps


Precision Low Flow Pumps

Finish Thompson

Drum and Barrel Pumps


Rotary Vane Pumps


Side Channel Low Flow Pumps


Multistage High Pressure Centrifugal, SS Horizontal Centrifugal, and Submersible Pumps