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Biological Systems


Aqua Aerobics- AquaNereda Aerobic granular sludge is an advanced biological wastewater treatment technology providing Enhanced Biological Nutrient Removal (ENR) with TN <3 mg/l and TP<1.0 mg/l without chemicals. The performance is equivalent to a 5 stage bar-den-pho process with 1/2 to 1/4 the footprint without recycle flows,  without the related mixers and pre and post anoxic/anaerobic selectors, without clarifiers and filters not required to meet the performance. No moving parts within the reactor and fixed weirs. An aerobic granular biomass is comprised of compact granules that provide several advantages compared to other secondary treatment processes.  With aerobic and anaerobic zones within the granule, nitrification and denitrification process will take place including enhanced biological phosphorus removal will be achieved.


Aqua Aerobic Systems - AquaPASS process incorporates selector basins both anaerobic and post anoxic with a fermenter to produce VFAs to aid in formation of Phosphorus accumulating organisms.   Equivalent to 5 stage with a RAS concentrator .

Oxidation Ditch – Flygt Banana Blade Mixers

Flygt Banana Blade Mixers combines the high rate transfer of diffused aeration, with submersible mixing to provide biological oxidation ditch for both new and retrofit applications. The oxidation ditch delivers up to 50% better energy efficiency, while adaptable to wide flow fluctuations and loading conditions. Achieves 7-9 lb. O2/bHP-hr compared to 3.0-3.5 lb. O2/BHP-hr for mechanical aeration systems. JCI's installations include Independence-KS and Fremont Hills-MO.

Coarse, Fine Bubble Diffusers & Surface Aerator

Evoqua Envirex- Coarse & Fine Bubble Diffusers & AquaLator Surface Aerators - Evoqua: Envirex- Diamond S Membrane 9" Disc Diffusers is more efficient than a typical 9" diameter diffuser, resulting in better performance and lower energy costs. The proprietary diamond punch pattern provides 10% more slits than a typical membrane, allowing more fine bubbles to be produced. Additionally, the Diamond S Plus diffuser has 45% greater tensile strength than typical membranes for durability. Carse bubble diffusers are used in aeration and sludge basins.

Oxidation Ditch – Orbal, VLR & Brush

Evoqua Orbal, VLR and Zimpro Brush Oxidation Ditch with a Concentric Loop configuration that creates dedicated zones for specific treatment processes. These treatment zones operate in series which is essential to the simultaneous nitrification-denitrification (SND) process. VLR Vertical Loop Reactors system are similar to oxidation ditches that have been flipped on their sides. Installations include Belton-MO, St. Charles-MO, Columbus-NE and Fort Dodge- IA.

Magnetite Ballasted System – BioMag & CoMaG

Evoqua BioMag & CoMag - Ballasted biological process to allow WWTP to handle 3x flow and solids loadings without physically adding tankage to the plant. Magnetite is a dense, non-abrasive, iron oxide mined locally in Missouri and recovered magnetically from the waste activated sludge and reused in the process to maintain an extremely dense, fast settling biomass. Results in a plant with small footprint, low capital, and low operational costs. Easy to incorporate in any type of activated sludge treatment where biological process remains unchanged and BioMag equipment is located in the sidestream location (WAS stream) without impacting main liquid stream in the WWTP.  Ability to with multi-stage treatment processes, to meet TN to ≤ 3.0 mg/L and TP to ≤ 0.2 mg/L without tertiary filters

Oxidation Ditch – Triton Tri-Oval

Aeration Industries -Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch provides superior wastewater treatment process control and design flexibility of the activated sludge process. Couple this with the cost savings benefits of lower construction, easy installation, and low maintenance — you have a winner in water treatment. The system’s dual-functionAire-O2 Triton® aerators/mixers drive fine bubble aeration and mixing to 33 feet deep and allow for full Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR). Rentals are available to keep your plant compliant. Installation in Farmington, Missouri.


Kubota Membrane USA provides a world-class membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment system and thickening based on the Kubota flat sheet membrane. The Kubota MBR is superior to conventional wastewater treatment systems because it has a smaller footprint and higher quality effluent. The footprint is minimized by increasing the concentration of the sludge, allowing for more treatment in a smaller footprint, and by eliminating the need for a clarifier. Higher quality effluent can be ensured because the membrane is a physical separation between the sludge and the treated water.

AquaSBR – Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobic Systems SBR

Aqua Aerobic Systems AquaSBR® Sequencing Batch Reactor provides true batch reactor technology with all phases of treatment accomplished in a single reactor. All components are easily accessible and the advanced decant system ensures optimum quality effluent withdrawal. Independent aeration and mixing provides lower energy consumption. Time-managed operation offers process flexibility with greater handling of hydraulic fluctuations. Floating decanter provides subsurface withdrawal of decant volume. Local installations include Richmond, Missouri and Abilene, Kansas.


MixAir; Single Basin CMAS -Retrievable Diffusers

Aqua Aerobic Systems - MixAir is a biological system that allows a single aeration basin to be used since its aeration and mixing is accessible above the water surface. Cyclically operated aeration and mixing promote anoxic/aerobic and anaerobic environments with low energy consumption without having separate anoxic/anaerobic tanks and mixers to provide a 3 Stage Bardenpho-type process. The system features "Retrievable Diffusers" in racks that can be lifted by a davit crane and rotated outside the basin or other aeration devices. This concept allows for fewer aeration basins initially since the facility can have a single aeration basin and add basins with growth. MixAir systems can accommodate low cost construction of a round basin with movable forms or other configuration needed. Installations include LBVSD at Pleasant Hill-MO, Fishing River WWTP and Rocky Branch WWTP in Kansas City-MO, and Sedalia, MO.


Headworks BIO MBBR - IFAS

Headworks Bio MBBR & IFAS - Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor employs thousands of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) biofilm carriers operating in mixed motion within an aerated wastewater treatment basin. Each individual biofilm carrier increases productivity by providing a protected surface area to support the growth of heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria within its apertures. It is this high-density population of bacteria that achieves high-rate biodegradation within the system, while also offering process reliability and ease of operation.

Surface Aerator – Aire-O2 Aspirator

aireo Aspirating Floating Aerator

Aeration Industries - Aire-O2 Aspirator  This surface aerator creates a vacuum drawing air down the shaft into the water.  The rotating propeller forces water outward horizontally past the end of the shaft at high velocity.  Above the water line, atmospheric air is drawn through intake ports and travels through the hollow drive shaft to be dispersed in a large plume throughout the water. Being diffused into fine bubbles – about 2.0 mm diameter – the oxygen has extended contact time with the water. The size of the plume varies with the size of the aspirator/aerator which can be from two to 100 HP. Properly positioned, these units can create a “flow linkage” that delivers mixing and oxygen dispersion evenly and thoroughly throughout an entire basin regardless of its size or shape. Dead spots are eliminated.

Packaged Wastewater Plant

AWC Water Solutions  (formerly Corix) manufacturers complete packaged and modular wastewater treatment systems designed to meet a variety of flow and water quality parameters. Systems conventional, membrane-based systems, or combined hybrid systems for optimal life cycle costs.

BioDome Lagoon Aeration

WCS BioDome Lagoon Retrofit

Wastewater Compliance Systems - Biodomes  allows upgrade of lagoon to meet  more stringent  regulations and ammonia removal during winter months.  Not every community can afford to upgrade their facilities to a mechanical plant and Bio-Domes offer the ability to enhance the performance of a wastewater lagoon treatment system at a fraction of the cost of mechanical plants and still maintain compliance.

Trickling Filter Media – Brentwood

Brentwood Trickling Filter Media is a structured-sheet media that is largely responsible for the success of performing trickling filters. Unlike outdated rock fill, PVC modules have superior compressive strength and higher void volumes, which are necessary for stacking. Greater specific surface area allows for higher organic loadings and process efficiencies. All Brentwood trickling filter media is fabricated from rigid, self-extinguishing, un-plasticized PVC sheets with UV protection. The material is resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids, and alkalis commonly found in wastewater.

SBR – OmniFlo JetTech (NE/IA)

Evoqua - SBR - OmniFlo JetTech (NE/IA) utilizing Jet Tech SBR technology, includes state-of-the-art equipment and controls to deliver superior performance under the most demanding conditions. The OMNIFLO SBR system is a fill-and-draw, non-steady state activated sludge process in which one or more reactor basins are filled with wastewater during a discrete time period, and then operated in a batch mode. The system accomplishes equalization, aeration, and clarification in a timed sequence in a single reactor basin.