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Traveling Bridge Filtration – AquaDiamond

Aqua Aerobics AquaDiamond Cloth Media Filter is a unique combination of two proven technologies; traveling bridge and cloth media filters resulting in up to 3x the flow capacity of a traveling bridge filter, making it ideal for sand filter retrofits. The cloth media is completely submerged during filtration where solids are deposited on the outside of the cloth as the influent wastewater flows through the media. The filtered effluent is collected inside the diamond lateral and flows by gravity on to discharge. The filtration process requires no moving parts. Increased headloss due to the deposited solids automatically initiates periodic backwashing. During backwash, a pump provides suction to the backwash shoes, which make direct contact with the media, allowing solids to be vacuumed from the cloth as the platform traverses the length of the diamond laterals. The platform operates only during backwashing and solids collection. 

Disk Filter – MegaDisk 24MGD

The Aqua MegaDisk™ filter Cloth Media Filter treats up to 24 MGD in a single unit using 80% less footprint than sand filters with comparable capacity. Tertiary treatment utilizes the Optifiber cloth filtration media with low energy consumption and continuous filtration even during backwash. Ideal for deep bed filter retrofits, new plants, expansion and microscreen replacements. Low phosphorus levels, less than 1.0 mg/l, can be achieved with the AquaDisk and Aqua MegaDisk cloth media filter.

Disk Filter – AquaDisk

Aqua Aerobic Disk Filter

Aqua Aerobics - AquaDisk™ Cloth Media filter offers a packaged tertiary filtration unit with low footprint. Clarified effluent enters the filter and flows by gravity through the cloth media of the stationary hollow disks. The filtrate exits through the hollow shaft which supports the individual disks and flows to the effluent channel. As solids accumulate on the surface of the media, the water level surrounding the disks rises. Once a predetermined level is reached, the disks rotate and the media surface is automatically vacuum backwashed clean. Heavier solids settle to the bottom of the tank and are then pumped to a sludge tank or to the plant headworks. 

Traveling Bridge Filters – AquaABF Automatic Backwash Filter

Aqua Aerobic AquaABF Automatic Backwash Traveling Bridge Filter is a continuous rapid-rate, gravity filter utilizing mono media sand, dual media sand and anthracite, or granular activated carbon. Continuous filtration, even during backwash mode with typical hydraulic loading rate of 2 gpm/sq ft at Avg Daily Flow  and 5 gpm/sq ft at Max Daily flow. Has low headloss of 6" headloss and requires 1 to 3% of daily flow required for backwash.

Polymeric Membranes – MultiBore

Aqua Aerobic Systems -Aqua UltraFiltration Membrane System featuring ultrafiltration Aqua MultiBore® membranes combines unequaled membrane strength with high permeability. This modular Aqua UltraFiltration system offers two distinct advantages - the membrane fibers do not break, and no air scouring is required. Ideal for retrofit with membranes with "fiber breakages". Installations include Butler-Missouri to replace Hydranautics membranes plagued with broken fibers.