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Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates SST

Golden Harvest Gates

Gates - Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates

Golden Harvest Water Control Gates, Sizes 6" thru 240"+, for use in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump Stations, Flood Control and Drainage Systems, Power Generating Facilities-Influent & Effluent, Industrial Plant Liquid Waste Handling Facilities. Products include Sluice, Weir, Stop, Stop Log, Bulkhead, Roller, Radial, Crest, Flap, Level Control and Telescoping Valves.

Sluice, Slide, Flap Gates SST & Cast Iron – Waterman

Waterman manufactures engineered sluice gates, slide gates, weir gates, flap gates, stop logs, and Automatic Water Level Control Gates (keep constant level upstream for UV system with lowest headloss) for the water and wastewater industry.Manufactures extreme duty gates constructed of Cast-Iron with brass wedges (no wearing plastic or rubber guides) and Stainless Steel fabricated gates with UHMWPE plastic guides with self adjusting seals. Cast-iron gates are know for continuous service for over 50+ years. Waterman USA was founded in 1912 and continues to construct and manufacture the gates in the Exeter, California and service the customer with 130+ employees. Designs backed by latest casting technologies and finite element analysis to ensure design to meet AWWA industry standards that meet half of maximum AWWA leakage rates and tested to exceed 50,000 hour cycle (equivalent of 136 years with 1 cycle/day).