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Submersible Low Speed Mixers – Flygt

Flygt Mixers - 4320’s revolutionary design that couples a Super Premium Efficiency, IE4, motor with an integrated adjustable speed. The result is a submersible mixer that delivers superior mixing with adjustability and simplicity, for unsurpassed energy savings. Flygt 4320 also enhances process optimization.  Making process modifications can change the thrust requirements by as much as 50%.  The Flygt 4320 provides the mixing versatility to adjust to process changes without compromising mixing or sacrificing energy efficiency, eliminating concerns over how process modifications might impact the mixing thrust requirements.  Mixing speeds can be changed with the touch of a button, quickly and easily, putting you in complete control.   The ease and versatility allow a higher degree of overall process optimization, for even more energy savings.  Flygt 4320 mixers are ideal for activated sludge processes that require adjustments to aeration levels, changing aeration /anoxic zones, changing headworks operations, or changing MLSS concentrations. ​

Submersible Compact Mixer – Flygt

Flygt Compact Mixers - Engineered for flexibility, versatility and lean installation, these space saving mixers offer highly efficient solutions for any tank shape and size. Our compact mixers easily blend highly contaminated fluids high-density or high-viscosity liquids, and liquids with fibrous material. Few components, low capital investment and straightforward service routines make Flygt compact mixers the economical choice for a broad range of mixing applications, like Activated sludge treatment selector basins, sludge mixing and aeration basins.

Top Entry Mixers

Flygt Top Entry Mixers