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Odor Control

ECO2 – Super-Oxygenation Odor Removal System

The ECO2 SuperOxygenation Odor Control System operates by pumping a side stream of raw, unscreened wastewater through a conical shaped oxygen transfer device also known as the ‘Speece Cone’. Gaseous pure oxygen is metered into the cone and completely dissolved due to the exceptionally large gas/water interface generated by the bubble swarm inside of the cone. The oxygenated water is blended back into the forecemain.

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Oda-Killer LT – Pump Station Odor Control System

Oda-Killer Pump Station & Headworks Odor Control System is proven to destroy odors. A low horsepower induced draft fan is connected to the wetwell with ventilation pipe to draw odorous air out of the wet well or structure.  The Oda-Killa system is packaged in a low profile non-metallic enclosure and supplies ozone and oxygen that is used to oxidize the odors in the ventilation piping.  No ozone enters the wet well and the reaction time is within the ventilation pipe. An additional contact chamber is provided to further dilute and disperse the oxidized air stream to levels below EPA limits. The induced draft fan provides a 2 to 1 dilution of the air stream and pushes the system exhaust out at a high velocity. The high velocity air creates an effective exhaust stack height of 30ft. Contact JCI for free use of OdaLog and on-site odor analysis.

Terminodour – treat odor at source point, operator friendly

Terminodour™ Kusters  process combines ventilation and ionization technology to deliver effective odor control within a building or any enclosed space. Most odor control systems extract odors from the point of source and feed via ductwork to an abatement system where it is oxidized or absorbed before the treated air is emitted to the atmosphere. The Terminodour™ system does not extract the odor but actually oxidizes it at the point of the source in the building or under a tank cover.

Midas® Activated Carbon Odor Control Systems

Evoqua RJ Environmental - Midas® Activated Carbon Odor Control Systems combines select active ingredients and premium quality bituminous coal to produce an odor control media for the removal of H2S, HCl, SO2 and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) in activated carbon scrubbers.

FRP – Weirs, Baffles, Launder Covers, Troughs, Stamford Baffles – Protectolite

Protectolite manufactures designs and furnishes custom fabricated FRP clarifier parts for the water and wastewater industry. Protectolite™ is an approved and preferred supplier of fiberglass components to a number of the top Consulting Engineering firms in North America. and has furnished FRP products such as Scum Baffles, Stamford Baffles, launder covers, and clarifier covers to waste water treatment plants across the USA for the past 20 years.

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Carbon Odor Control

Daniels Mechanical Carbon Odor Control

Ozone Odor Control

TriMed Ozone

TriMed Ozone Odor Control

Bio-Filter – Zabocs

Evoqua RJ Environmental Biological Odor Control two-stage odor control system for complete odor removal. The system is a multi-media system which combines gas absorption, adsorption, and biological treatment to capture and eliminate organic and inorganic odors from wastewater process air streams. The unique combination of proprietary carbon media enables the ZABOCS system to treat three times the air volume compared to similar sized conventional biofilter systems, while also being able to start treating odors immediately with zero acclimation time. First Stage: The first stage uses a manufactured expanded clay media as the substrate for the biomassand removes 99% of the H2S as well as removing other odorous compounds. Second Stage: Activated carbon is used in the polishing stage to trap VOC’s and insoluble organic compounds that get through the first stage. The ZABOCS biofilter system can treat air flows up to 5000 cfm and H2S concentrations in excess of 100 ppm.

Biological in Vessel

Daniels Mechanical Company Biological Odor Control

Biological in Vessel

Met Pro Duall Biological in Vessel

Met Pro Duall Biological in Vessel Odor Control