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Trickling Filter Systems & Media

Trickling Filter Rotary Distributors

Trickling Filter - Rotary Distributors - complete line of rotary distributors for user in industry and municipal applications. All distributors are computer designed to provide a uniform flow distribution, high BOD removals and a stable effluent. Every distributor arm is tapered to maintain fluid velocity. The arms are available in two crossectional designs: Rectangular arms equipped with side mounted nozzles or Trapezoidal arms with integral flow deflectors. Optional direct drives are available to provide more controllable wetting rates (SK Values) resulting in improved filter performance. All Styles are available in two or four arm designs and manufactured in hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Every distributor is designed to ensure low maintenance, provide energy efficiency, and deliver consistent performance that result in lower power and maintenance costs, and years or trouble free operation.

Trickling Filter Media – Brentwood

Brentwood Trickling Filter Media is a structured-sheet media that is largely responsible for the success of performing trickling filters. Unlike outdated rock fill, PVC modules have superior compressive strength and higher void volumes, which are necessary for stacking. Greater specific surface area allows for higher organic loadings and process efficiencies. All Brentwood trickling filter media is fabricated from rigid, self-extinguishing, un-plasticized PVC sheets with UV protection. The material is resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids, and alkalis commonly found in wastewater.

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