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UV Disinfection

Ozone – plate generators – maintenance free – Primozone

Primozone - Ozone Water Systems- Maintenance free and easy to operate ozone generators thanks to a unique energy saving and modular plate reactor technology with built-in redundancy. Provides lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to the conventional ozone generating systems. Only maintenance is a yearly inspection  - NO time consuming cleaning of the reactor is required. Capacity turndown and total energy consumption is nearly linear where if operated at 10% capacity, the energy consumed is 10% of max capacity. This compares to competitor technologies if at 10% capacity still consumes approximately 80% of max energy. Primozone  uses 50% oxygen compared to a traditional ozone generator. Primozone's oxygen consumption will vary according to the ozone production where traditional ozone generators have a constant oxygen flow independent of the amount of ozone produced. This results in 50% energy savings with Primozone!

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants used in treating water and wastewater. Used for removal of taste/odor, color, turbidity, reduced metals,  inorganic compounds (iron, manganese, sulfide) total organic carbon (TOC) and chlorine disinfection by product (DBP) precursors. As a disinfectant it inactivates viruses, bacteria, E-coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium.

Onsite Hypochlorite Generation, UGSI; PSI Microclor

PSI On-Site Hypo Generation

PSI Water Technologies- UGSI; PSI, Microclor, PAX, Monoclor - manufactures an On‐site generation disinfection system that applies electricity to a solution of salt and water to produce sodium hypochlorite. Incoming water first goes through a softener, then splits into two lines. One line goes to the electrolytic cell, where electricity is applied to the brine solution, and the other goes to a brine storage tank. Near‐saturated brine is injected into the softened water that is going to the electrolytic cell. A current is passed through the electrolytic cell, producing sodium hypochlorite, which is stored in another tank, then metered into the water moving through the treatment process. Hydrogen gas is a natural byproduct of the electrolytic process and must be removed from the cell and storage tank.

While the competitors offered similar products, Process Solutions, Inc. (PSI) offered additional benefits that were important, particularly the safety aspect of PSI’s hydrogen‐purging design. In PSI’s Microclor® on‐site generator, the electrolytic cells are configured in a patented vertical format with a recirculation loop on each cell that allows for passive release of the hydrogen gas from each individual cell. This design increases operator safety and reduces the possibility of hydrogen gas build‐up in the cell.

Another key factor of PSI’s system is the ability to remove one electrolytic cell without going offline. The Microclor® vertical cell design allows the cell to be removed from the cell carrier piping by simply breaking two unions, making for easy cell maintenance or replacement and increased redundancy.

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Enclosed UV Disinfection – Evoqua ETS

ETS UV Disinfection

Evoqua ETS UV Technology is used disinfect the municipal wastewater before discharge into a water source. The ETS-UV™ system uses a closed vessel approach, which means greater operator safety, a smaller footprint and easier for plant staff to maintain. The enclosed approach is quickly gaining favor over the older open channel UV systems because of reduced operating life costs and greater operator safety. The UV chamber is fabricated from 316L stainless steel and contains an automated wiper system that keeps the quartz free from fouling. The chamber also features an access hatch that makes routine maintenance much easier and convenient for operators. Each chamber contains either low pressure/high output or  medium pressure lamps which can be removed with effluent in the UV chamber. The lamps use the Twist-LOK lamp connector for ease of connection. Municipal plants often achieve a two years of lamp life for low maintenance and operational costs.

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Horizontal UV Disinfection

ETS UV Horizontal Disinfection

ETS UV Technology Disinfection