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Chopper Pumps – Flygt

Flygt Chopper Pump – Wastewater Chopper pump features patented Flygt N-technology, which is renowned for its self-cleaning capabilities and sustained high efficiency. The chopper pump performs like no other, handling whatever goes down the drain — from rags and wood to clothing and other debris. Flygt Chopper pumps feature the patented Flygt N-impeller, which rotates inside a chopper insert ring. This rotation cuts all types of hard-to-pump solids, such as fibrous material, textiles and other debris, into small, easy-to-pump pieces. The Flygt F Chopper pump transports tough solids and reduces operation and maintenance costs. Under extreme conditions, our energy-efficient chopper pumps run continuously with sustained hydraulic efficiency in heavy-duty applications such as:

The following video shows a clogging test of a Flygt chopper pump: