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Flocculators – Paddle Wheel, Horiz/Vert & Walking Beam

JMS – Mega-FLOCS  – Flocculation where primary particles are induced to approach close enough together, make contact and progressively form larger agglomerates, or flocs. The extent of flocculation depends on both the applied velocity gradients and time of flocculaton.  These two parameters influence the rate and extent of particle aggregation and the rate and extent of breakup of these aggregates. One of the most efficient type of flocculation is with “paddle wheels”. Upgrades in materials of construction including  Stainless Steel bearing housings and components has led to reduced maintenance and longevity.

JMS Mega-FLOC  Horizontal , Vertical and Walking Beam Paddle Wheel Flocculators are the lowest maintenance flocculators available today. With such key features as JMS Shaft Connects, Stainless Steel Bearings and Drive Sprocket they are ideally suited to provide the best value for large production plants.







The JMS bearing assembly is designed to be durable and have a low life cycle cost. JMS Mega-FLOC (HPWF) uses submerged journal bearings that are manufactured with split cast stainless steal housings with UHMW-PE liners which allow for water lubrication.