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Gas Conditioning & Cogeneration Engine Systems – Unison

Unison Solutions, Inc.,  manufacturers biogas conditioning, biogas engine, Capstone turbines, and  BioCNG™ vehicle fuel systems. Expertise in purifying biogas includes hydrogen sulfide removal, siloxane removal, COremoval, compression and gas quality monitoring.. Unison systems have been installed  at wastewater treatment plants, landfills, dairies and food processing digester plants.

Local Installation

Location State Description
Dubuque WRRC Iowa 350 scfm Biogas Cond for direct boiler use & CR600 Capstone Turbine
Sioux City WWTP Iowa 270 scfm Biogas Conditioning System for Direct Use Boiler
JCW Middle Basin WWTP Kansas 570 scfm Biogas Conditioning System for (2) GE Jenbacher IC Engines
Topeka Oakland WWTP Kansas 280 scfm Biogas Conditioning System
St. Louis Missouri River WWTP Missouri 340 scfm Biogas Cond System for Waukesha IC Engine & Direct Use Boiler

Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) Douglas L. Smith Middle Basin WWTFKansasdouglas l smith middlebasin treatment unison

  • Class B Biosolids with Land Application
  • Unison 570 scfm Biogas Conditioning System for (2) GE Jenbacher IC  1,060-kW combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration units, biogas/natural gas fired boilers
  • At peak production, the generator is expected to produce enough electricity to supply half of the power needs of the entire treatment plant, reducing the county’s carbon footprint by 9700 metric tons per year and saving ratepayers $500,000 annually in utility costs.
 Unison JCW Middle Basin
Dubuque, Iowa WWTP Installation
  • Unision biogas conditioning dubuqueCombined heat and power, biosolids reuse, effluent heat recovery
  • Biogas recovery and improved biosolids handling by converting from fluidized bed incineration to temperature-phase anaerobic digestion.
  • 10 mgd plant was completed in May 2014 with Strand Engineers and IIW Engineers.
  • Anaerobic digestion enabled the facility to harness biogas for digester heating and electricity generation using Unison Solutions, Inc equipment.
  • Saves approximately $250,000 a year
  • Added septage receiving station to increase biogas
  • Previously Biosolids were incinerated, now approx 5 tons/d Class A biosolids to fertilize corn and soybean fields

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