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Intake Water Screens – E&I

E&I Water Screens is committed to providing the highest quality Traveling Water Screen available for the last quarter century and been backing up that claim with perfect performance records at installations like Westerville, Ohio.

How does a Traveling Water Screen work? The device is simple yet rugged and consists of two strands of heavy-duty roller-chain which supports mesh baskets. The chain and basket assembly travels over head-shaft sprockets which are equipped with removable hardened teeth. The baskets continue around lower traction wheels, where seal plates maintain close tolerances; this eliminates the pass-through of debris.

As submerged basket assembly become matted with debris, the screen is rotated, elevating the baskets to the enclosed headframe. There the debris is removed from the basket mesh by properly placed jet sprays of water and deposited into the refuse trough. Operation of the screen may be continuous or intermittent. provide Passive Intake Screens for drinking water plants that protect aquatic life with a meticulous design and construction yields that results in a durable sub-surface intakes with minimal operating and maintenance costs. Design is based on a submerged wedge-wire (Vee-Wire® cylinder) cleaned by the Hydroburst™ air-backwash system, which was developed by our company and is EPA 316b-compliant (the through-screen velocity can be designed below 0.5 fps to minimize entrainment.
Typical applications include:

  • Power plants
  • Industrial & Chemical plants
  • Paper mills
  • Water treatment plants

The E & I Traveling Water Screen comes fully assembled, tested and certified.

  • Rugged drop in type frame
  • Simple yet heavy duty basket construction
  • Range of basket mesh openings
  • Heavy duty steel roller main chain
  • Balanced drive system with shear pin protection
  • Easily removable plexiglass doors