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Oxidation Ditch – Flygt Banana Blade Mixers

Fine Bubble Diffusers with Flygt Banana Blade Mixers

Combines the high rate transfer of diffused aeration, with submersible mixing to provide biological oxidation ditch for both new and retrofit applications. The oxidation ditch delivers up to 50% better energy efficiency, while adaptable to wide flow fluctuations and loading conditions.

Achieves 7-9 lb. O2/bHP-hr compared to 3.0-3.5 lb. O2/BHP-hr for mechanical aeration systems.

JCI’s installations include Independence-KS and Fremont Hills-MO.


  • Energy efficient – can cut energy costs by up to 50% compared to oxidation ditch technology with mechanical aeration
  • Removes total nitrogen and total phosphorus
  • Simple tank construction (no turning vanes required)
  • Reduced electrical installation costs and footprint
  • Adaptable to wide flow fluctuations and loading conditions
  • Fine bubble diffused aeration does not produce aerosol material, unlike mechanical aerators
  • Can easily replace mechanical aeration in existing oxidation ditch plants
  • Process performance guarantee available

Independence, Kansas

The Independence Ks biological basins were constructed in 2001 with 9″ fine bubble diffusers  in combination with Flygt banana-blade mixers in the outer rings of the oxidation ditch. The owner’s engineer was Black & Veatch and constructed by a design build team of Olsson Associates and Western Summit. The basins were designed to allow bid of the diffused aeration ditch design vs counter-current aeration (Schreiber™).  JCI’s diffused aeration ditch was selected based on lower energy and capital costs.

Sanitaire Bioloop Independence KS


Fremont Hills, Missouri

The City of Fremont Hills was incorporated in 1986 and is located near Ozark, Missouri.. The City operates and maintains its own Wastewater Treatment Plant that was upgraded in 2010 to meet the latest DNR requirements and accommodate future City growth.  The plant includes a biological system of fine bubble diffusers and Flygt submersible mixers. The plant meets permit requirements including maintaining  low total phosphorus of  less than 0.5 mg/l.
Freemont Hills WWTP Triton Activated Sludge